Adrianne Palicki Lassos ‘Wonder Woman’ Role


Adrianne Palicki, a “Friday Night Lights” favorite, has landed the coveted Wonder Woman role.

Although the actress from Ohio is not listed among my top five choices, Palicki has the look, somewhat, but she doesn’t scream Amazon warrior. Not at all.

Suddenly I’m reminded of the failed “Bionic Woman” series. Hopefully, my pre-judgment will be proven wrong once David Kelly’s re-imagining of the powerful super heroine hits the small screen. But unfortunately, I have a feeling it won’t be. I’ll watch it regardless, at least the first few episodes.

“Smallville” ends its 10-season run this year and I’ll be needing a superhero fix. “The Cape” just didn’t cut it. Is that still on the air by the way?

Set in Los Angeles, in Kelly’s reboot, Wonder Woman will be a vigilante crime fighter at night and a successful businesswoman during the day. I wonder if the costume will be akin to the new one, which debuted in Wonder Woman Issue #600.

At any rate, Miss Palicki will be the second woman in television history to portray the popular DC Comic’s character. The first of course was the lovely Lynda Carter, who donned the lasso and bulletproof bracelets back in1975.

I wish the young starlet luck, as she has some big boots to fill.

So, do you think Adrianne will make a good Wonder Woman? Sound off to the right with your opinions.

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  1. 1

    I’m not a fan of the choice, personally.

  2. moviefan #

    i didnt expect this actress getting selected. but she is a ok actress, good looking, proper height range for diana. i hope she does well in the role and the show does well too. now i cant wait to see who else joins the cast and the crew.

  3. Nadia #

    Well I dont even know the girl because never watched FNL so I will giver the benefit of the doubt. I only wish her good luck because it certainly wont be an easy task to be WW.

  4. Andy Behbakht #

    Don’t know what to say actually…she was OK on Smallville I guess but will she be good as WW?…

  5. Sweet Pete #

    This show is going to be dreadful.

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