Are The Avengers Returning to Theaters?


Hot rumor! To coincide with the extended Blu-ray release of “The Avengers” this fall, Disney and Marvel Entertainment might re-release the film in theaters this August.

As of now, “The Avengers” has made $586 million domestically, making it the third highest-grossing picture of all time behind “Avatar” and “Titanic.” SuperHero Authority followed up on the report, which began at, claiming their inside source will neither confirm nor deny the gossip. Disney and Marvel have remained silent on the rumor altogether. However, Mike Sampson over at Screencrush, gave valid reasons as to why the rumors are totally unfounded.

Honestly, I could see Disney scrambling to try to make this happen. But is attempting to dethrone James Cameron worth it to them? As far as fans go, I’m sure many would line up to watch the three-hour version of “The Avengers” on the big screen, considering how well the movie has done worldwide. I certainly know I would and I’d still buy the two-disc Blu-ray set too.

What do you think about this rumor, which seems to have caught traction? Would you watch the extended version of “The Avengers” in theaters?

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