Bill Murray Talks About ‘Ghostbusters 3’


Like many people I am a big fan of the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” movies. And, also like many people, I’m not particularly fond of the “Star Wars” prequels or the last “Indiana Jones” movie.

However, I can’t necessarily say I wish they had never been made. It’s a topic I go back and forth on. I always wanted more movies in the series, and I got them, but they weren’t really what I wanted. So is it better to have the idea of what you would want and never see it, or to get what you wanted, but not have it be as good as you hoped for?

I don’t know the answer, but it brings us to “Ghostbusters 3.” And this time, I am quite certain. I don’t want another one. I loved the first one and liked the second one. But there is just no way they could do another one that would be satisfactory. How could they? Do we get the Ghostbusters running around old and out of shape? Do we get “Ghostbusters: The New Class”? No and no.

And, worst of all, I don’t want to see Bill Murray’s character killed off so he can become a ghost. I don’t want to see that at all.

But Bill Murray does, and you can hear him talk about it to David Letterman below:

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  1. Robb #

    I don’t want GB3 either.

  2. moviefan #

    yea that has been something bill has said in the past and a bit now. But we have no clue how its going to be in the film. Personally i hope we do get a gb 3. There is so much they could do with the series.

  3. 3

    I’d rather not see a “Ghostbusters 3,” either. Especially not if they kill of Peter Venkman.

  4. Josue #

    I am against the wall with sequels, I love the originals, and enjoyed the new ones. But, unlike the originals, i dont watch them over and over.. I want to watch another GhostBusters movie, but will it be anything like the original? I mean, do we really need a sequel, we already had one, and it wasnt good. But, I will watch it for sure, at least once. 😉