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The Five Best ‘80s Films

From big hair to neon spandex, there are plenty of things best left in the ‘80s. But films are not one of them. The decade proved to be one of the greatest for cinema, producing timeless classics that we can’t stop watching today. It brought us shocking plot twists (“The Empire Strikes Back”[...]

Bill Murray Talks About ‘Ghostbusters 3’

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — Like many people I am a big fan of the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” movies. And, also like many people, I’m not particularly fond of the “Star Wars” prequels or the last “Indiana Jones” movie. However, I can[...]

Some Scary New ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Rumors

— by CAM SMITH — I don’t quite get the endless screaming geekasms over a third “Ghostbusters” film. Sure, the 1984 original is an acknowledged comedy classic — and one of the defining films of my own adolescent years — but it’s been 20 years since the amusing-but-unde[...]

Busting Rumors: Is ‘Ghostbusters 3’ a Good Idea?

— by H.G. Watson — As a child of the ’80s, it’s hard not to be excited at the prospect of a third installment to the “Ghostbusters” franchise. “Ghostbusters” was my first fandom; I remember my brother and I playing Ghostbuster with proton packs we[...]