Busting Rumors: Is ‘Ghostbusters 3’ a Good Idea?

— by H.G. Watson —

As a child of the ’80s, it’s hard not to be excited at the prospect of a third installment to the “Ghostbusters” franchise.

“Ghostbusters” was my first fandom; I remember my brother and I playing Ghostbuster with proton packs we assembled out of cardboard boxes. I think it’s safe to say that many of my generation feels the same way, which is why such enthusiasm abounds for “Ghostbusters 3” all over the internet.

However, I am no longer an 8 year old playing at busting ghosts. With age comes wisdom, or at least a healthy dose of skepticism. And I am indeed very skeptical if “Ghostbusters 3” can live up to the solid first film or, more importantly, the nostalgia we’ve developed around it.

The rumors surrounding the project are what have me worried, though at first glance they seem positive. The four main cast members are said to be returning, and the rumor mill indicates that Harold Ramis or original “Ghostbusters” director Ivan Reitman will helm the film. You cannot deny that both are giants in the comedy field, but their track records as directors over the last 10 years have been less than stellar. Reitman hasn’t had a certifiable hit film since “Ghostbusters II” in 1989, and Ramis’s films have been uneven at best. “Analyze This” was good fun, but “Year One” was uninspired. Can they really make a film that is the same caliber of fun and hilarity of the original “Ghostbusters”?

The buzz around the film’s plot suggests that all the “Ghostbusters” are returning to act as mentors to a new team, which may or may not be made of some of the so called Judd Apatow Crew; so most likely Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Jason Segal. Rumor has it there may also be a female Ghostbuster in the mix. Dan Aykroyd bizarrely suggested Alyssa Milano for the role (Does he think it’s 1992?). My vote goes to nerdy fan favorite Kristen Bell. I’m also not opposed to some of the names being thrown around for the male leads. In fact, I may be one of the few people around who still thinks Seth Rogen is funny. But those guys are at their funniest when they are allowed to have free reign in R-rated movies. Can they tone it down enough it what will surely be a PG-13 film, and still keep us laughing? Again, my inner skeptic says no.

But it’s the older Ghostbusters sticking around as mentors that truly concerns me. I really don’t want to sit through a whole film of “Man, I remember how we used to do it back in the old days!” or Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd mugging for the camera. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” attempted this and in the end most of the humor seemed contrived and lacked the fun that the original trilogy had. I can guess that George Lucas and Steven Speilberg felt that the novelty of seeing Indy on the screen again would be enough; it wasn’t. As a “Ghostbusters” fan, it would pain me to see “Ghostbusters III” reduced to the same thing.

For this film to be a true success, it cannot just rely solely on the nostalgia of the fans. Sure, have the older Ghostbusters in it for a bit. But when the new team is assembled, have Murray and co. step down and let the new Ghostbusters have their adventure. Getting to watch a new team stumble their way through a new battle will be fun for old fans, and it may inspire a new generation of kids to break out the homemade proton packs.

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  1. moviefan #

    very nice article. I too cant wait to see what happens with 3rd film. This is the closest it has even been for a 3rd film to happen. The 4 core busters are all in a good place and all are willing to return. Ivan returning possibly as director will be great also if he does sign onboard. Right now they are waiting for official green lit from studio last i recall.

    As for the plot i think the whole ideal of a new younger crew coming in to bust ghosts works well. Dan/bill/harold are all very old in 50s-60s yrs old. So it can work that at this time they just dont think they have enough in themselfs for this business any more.

    So they decide to hire a younger cros mid 20s-mid 30s yrs old to take over the business. Then the zanyness happens. The new busters get the handle of busting. Then maybe the big bad of the film is to much for them to handle. So then in the end the old guys come to save the day one last time. It can all work out well.

    As for casting i have no problems if their is a female buster or two. Most rumors going around is they want to do a 5 member team this go around. So i can see it going 3 guys 2 girls. Or 4 guys and 1 girl. Maybe they can use what happened in the extreme ghostbusters cartoon a bit on new busters.

    I and heard dan mention he wouldnt mind dana’s son oscar who now would be in his early 20s to be a buster. I think that would be a good idea. So then we could get weaver back possible for a cameo have her against oscar being a gb. Then maybe have murray’s character be a father like figure for oscar.

    So in my mind Oscar would be the youngest memeber of the new group. Then the rest will be late 20s-mid 30 yrs old. Maybe made up as regular joes(like winston) maybe a scientist and engineer and it can all work out.

  2. Kent #

    Excellent article. I agree with a lot of what you said. (And that’s quite a comment, moviefan. Some really good stuff in there).

  3. moviefan #

    yea sorry for the long post. I been saying these things over on SHH boards too on their gb3 thread. I can see things working out very well. Sure it could end up being crap. But i am hoping more for something good.

  4. 4

    You never have to apologize for a long comment. Some good points in there.

  5. Dr. Watson #

    Thanks guys. Just to be clear there is definitely a part of me that really wants to see a third Ghostbusters film. But we’ve been burned by these trips down nostalgia lane before. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, T3 and Terminator Salvation, etc etc. Whoever ends up helming this needs to be brave enough to let the plot do its thing.

    Movie fan, I wouldn’t be averse to the original busters showing up at the end. If it’s handled well it could be a fun moment.

  6. Kent #

    Great article.

  7. moviefan #

    thanks guys for the comments on my coments. I totally think the whole old group retiring and new group coming in to take over could easily turn out to be a good film. Its all about who is cast in the roles, and how the story ends up going. I cant wait to hear officially its been given its greenlit, and production number. Cause things are all in the right time now. Fans want another film, the actors are all in a good place(murray more so) and the studio is actually wanting it. compared to in the past the studio didnt want to do another, and all the issues with murray years back.

  8. Dani #

    Is it a good idea? Probably not. Will I watch it? Of course.

  9. Don #

    My feelings exactly, Dani.

  10. 10

    You raise some good points

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