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Short Film Theater: ‘Cut All Expenses’

— by H.G. WATSON — What would you do to save money? Forgo the vacation you’ve been planning? Sell your house? Opt for the cheap little hybrid over a monster gas-guzzler? In Will Kraus and Dan Matyas’ short film “Cut All Expenses,” one man reaches into the darkest crevice of his s[...]

John Dykstra to Direct Film Based on ‘Essex County’

— by H.G. WATSON — Sometimes, odd combinations can produce amazing results. For example Joe Wright, known for slower period pieces, put together “Hanna,” probably the most exciting action film this year. That’s why the news that John Dykstra, SFX wizard, has decided to take on an i[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Good Neighbours’

— by H.G. WATSON — Three cute single people all live in the same building. It sounds like the starting premise of the next Kate Hudson rom-com, but in this case it’s a twist on a murder mystery — because one of those people is actually a serial killer (you know[...]

Short Film Theater: Two Star Wars Short Films

— by H.G. WATSON — There is nothing like seeing “Star Wars” for the first time. Ask any film geek, director, actor, or fan when they saw it and you are sure to get a long story of where they saw it, when, with whom, and the impact it had on their life. Having been […][...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Governator’

— by H.G. WATSON — The line between “really cool” and “fanservice” has grown very thin in recent days. For example: “Hanna” has a 16-year old maiming and killing her way through Europe. Super cool! “Sucker Punch,” on the other hand, has a b[...]

The Collector

— by H.G. WATSON — I have a lot of stuff. About 250 DVDs, at last count. A staggering graphic novel collection. More coffee mugs then I could hope to ever use. Books on shelves and in piles distributed throughout my apartment, or boxed up and awaiting a new home in my parents house[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Hobo with a Shotgun’

— by H.G. WATSON — “Hobo with a Shotgun” is a strange-looking cocktail of other films; two parts “The Warriors,” one part “The Road Warrior,” and just a dash of “Batman” for good measure. This Canadian film is all violence and mayhem and, a[...]

Movie Theatre Etiquette: A Rough Guide

— by H.G. WATSON — Put yourself in a movie theatre. The lights have dimmed, you’ve already forgotten what the trailers were, and the 20th Century Fox logo has tricked you into thinking you’re watching “Star Wars” for the millionth time. At this time, the person two seats [...]

‘Girls on Film’ Project Tackles Gender Issues in Cinema

— by H.G. WATSON — A major criticism of Hollywood films is that they lack great roles for female characters. While pictures like “Black Swan” and “Winter’s Bone” show that change may be on the way, action films and your generic thrillers still tend to be pretty [...]

Is the Superhero Movie Dead?

— by H.G. WATSON — There are certainly many bloggers and writers who think so. Add director Matthew Vaughn, who told the LA Times Hero Complex in August, “It’s been mined to death and in some cases the quality control is not what it’s supposed to be … People are just going to get[...]

The Top 5 Films from 2010 You May Have Missed

— by H.G. WATSON — While navigating the mega-blockbusters that fill cineplexes all year, it’s probable that you missed the films that never make it to the big theatres, or that only get shown on one screen for two weeks. It’s sad indeed knowing that there are many excellent movies th[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Your Highness’

— by H.G. WATSON — If you’ve already seen the red band trailer for “Your Highness” you know there are a few key differences between that one and the green band trailer below. Namely: 1) Natalie Portman’s butt on full display 2) an abundance of raunchy drug and sex jokes 3) Natali[...]

Under Review: ‘Incendies’

— by H.G. WATSON — Films about war, any war (World War II, recent conflicts in the Mid-East, Star) hedge on how compelling their characters are. “The Great Escape” wouldn’t have been half as much fun had we not had Steve McQueen’s Cooler King to root for; “Apocalypse Now” wou[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Green Lantern’

— by H.G. WATSON — I was rooting for you, “Green Lantern.” I love Green Lantern comics. Sure, they’re dorky and about an intergalactic space cop. But they also represent some of the best science fiction available in the comics world. I was thrilled that WB seemed to be [...]