Trailer Talk: ‘Good Neighbours’

— by H.G. WATSON —

Three cute single people all live in the same building. It sounds like the starting premise of the next Kate Hudson rom-com, but in this case it’s a twist on a murder mystery — because one of those people is actually a serial killer (you know, on second thought this still could be the premise of Kate Hudson rom-com).

“Good Neighbours” stars Scott Speedman, Jay Baruchel and Emily Hampshire as the afore-mentioned neighbours. A murdering psychopath has cut a swath through their neighbourhood and the friends begin to suspect one of their own might be the killer. Is it handsome, wheelchair-bound Spencer (Speedman)? Is it nerdy, but lovable, geek Victor (Baruchel)? Or in a real twist, perhaps it is romantic triangle apex Louise (Hampshire). Despite a rather corny trailer, the premise is engaging enough to have me intrigued Besides, anything that gets Jay Baruchel on the big screen can’t be all bad.

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  1. Adam P #

    Seems like an interesting concept, but based off of this trailer they clearly make you want to believe it is Scott Speedman’s character, if that is the case then this wouldn’t be that much of a mystery. Lets hope its not.