Some Scary New ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Rumors

— by CAM SMITH —

I don’t quite get the endless screaming geekasms over a third “Ghostbusters” film.

Sure, the 1984 original is an acknowledged comedy classic — and one of the defining films of my own adolescent years — but it’s been 20 years since the amusing-but-underwhelming second adventure of Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddmore was released and, I think, we’ve gotten by just fine thank you very much. There’s really no desperate, soul-burning need to dig up the well-buried past purely for empty nostalgia kicks. So can’t we just move on already to greener, more original, pastures? Hello? Anyone out there?

Apparently not, since “GB3” is indisputably in the pipeline, proving once again that when easy money talks, Hollywood ravenously listens. And indeed, with most of the original cast rumored to return, along with original helmer Ivan Reitman — who will have considerable creative input even if he chooses not to direct — and a new script draft by “Year One” co-writers (Eek!) Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky finished and done, the wheels seem to be starting to turn anew.

Curiously, a potentially HUGE-with-a-capital-UGE spoiler regarding the top secret threequel was dropped by series’ co-star and all-around-Goddess-of-Awesome Sigourney Weaver recently while chattin’ about all things “Avatar” on the publicity rounds.

In an interview with Channel 4 News, the still-fetching former alien-slayer said about “Ghostbusters 3”:

“I’m afraid to say it is happening, I hope people are excited about that. I don’t know if I’m going to be in it, I have had a couple of calls asking ‘would you read the script.’ … I know that my little son, Oscar — who was kidnapped from me — I think he has grown up to be a ghostbuster … I might be in it; I see nothing wrong with being in it, although I don’t think I will have a big part. I think Bill Murray has a little more to do with it – he’s a ghost.”

Titillating stuff, no doubt, and her reference to her movie-son becoming a ‘buster would seem to coincide with recurring announcements that this new film would introduce a next-gen team of proton-pack wearing phantom-trappers.

But what about that Venkman-spook slip? Certainly it’s feasible — especially give Murray’s oft-referenced hesitation towards reprising one of his most popular trademark roles. I wouldn’t put it past the infamously prickly actor to demand that his return be by less conventional means — but I’d recommend holding off accepting this tidbit as the gospel truth, and perhaps erecting a towering monument honoring its existence, for now.

While I’m entirely confident that Weaver is speaking candidly, it’s common-place — strange as it may seem — for actors to be among the last creative participants to be given a clear view of the whole picture. Considering its long development process and untold number of treatments and script revisions, it’s impossible to know how up-to-speed on plot details the actress really is.

Still, you can take her word as further confirmation that the film is on its merry way. Personally, I just hope it manages to deliver on the infinite promise the franchise holds, because another trip to “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” would be pretty doggone demoralizing.

P.S.: Make sure to read writer H.G. Watson’s article “Busting Rumors,” which explores her hopes and fears surrounding the project. It makes for an engaging, thoughtful read.

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  1. Chuck #

    A ghost version of Bil Murray would literally ruin the whole series for me. I hope this movie doesn’t happen.

  2. moviefan #

    was reading about this a few days ago. I doubt most of what she said will happen. At most weaver will probably have a small role, and oscar her son could be a buster now. The rest about venkman stuff is likely not going to happen.

  3. Alexis #

    I agree with Chuck about the Bill Murray thing.

  4. Kurt #

    Bill Murray as a ghost? As in he died an now is a ghost? That would be amazingly atrocious.