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Why are movies about apprentices so popular? Could it be that we just like accompanying rookies in their journey of mastering some special trade? Or is it just the underdog aspect if it? Yes, it seems people love to watch the novice figure out the hidden potential that we all have inside and watch it blossom, as it motivates us to make better of ourselves. 

We’ve seen it so many times: sensei and student, Jedi Master and Padawan, the super assassin and the rookie, and even the superhero and the hero in training. Yet, it is always fun to see the apprentice progress in his skills, and at times, in the end, save the day. 

The trailer below is for “The Sorecerers Apprentice,” a new Nicolas Cage movie for next summmer and whose title is from the animated Disney movie with the same name (remember Mickey and the mops that come to life?).
Now, although Nicolas Cage has been the apprentice’s teacher in other of his previous movies, this seems a different role for him. Here, he plays a sorcerer named Balthazar Blake, and yes, once again, he sports another disturbing hairstyle. 

Nevertheless, I have to admit I found it very ingenious how they make the city New York the place where the Sorcerer resides. There, within the beautiful buildings and skyscrapers that we all recognize, is an innerworld, unknown to all of us. The Sorcerer transforms his beautiful penthouse into a fortified lair, where magical wonders and medievel style fueds are still being fought. Are winged creatures made of iron really flying over the night skies of our beloved cities?
In the old Disney movie, the sorcerer is gone away for most of the movie. Does this mean Cage’s character is secondary in this flick? After all, if we go by the title of the movie, it should focus on the apprentice. Yet, the trailer focuses mostly on Cage’s character, the Sorcerer, and presents us all with the abundant knowledge he has to offer his young apprentice. Cage’s sorcerer seems to be pretty wild and reckless, which is nothing like the classic animated Disney story.
The apprentice will be played by Jay Baruchel (of “Freaks and Geeks,” “Knocked Up” and “Tropic Thunder”), but did I mention that Alfredo Molina is in this as well, and it seems he is the villain? Does the name Monica Bellucci grab your attention? Of course, the apprentice must have a love interest, and in this case they have the beautiful Teresa Palmer for him to swoon over.
“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” will be released on July 16, 2010.

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