‘Black Panther’ Project has Screenwriter /  It's Just Movies 'Black Panther' Project has Screenwriter

‘Black Panther’ Project has Screenwriter


Marvel Studios has hired Mark Bailey to pen the script for “The Black Panther.” Kevin Feige will produce.

As one of the first main-stream Black superheroes, The Black Panther has a huge following. The animated series, which ran on the BET Network, widened the iconic character’s popularity. Back in 1993, a Black Panther feature was under development at Columbia Pictures and Wesley Snipes was considered for the role.

In 2005, Marvel re-acquired the rights to Panther from Lionsgate, along with a slew of other characters.

Bailey’s credits are interesting. He worked on a couple HBO documentaries, “Pandemic: Facing AIDS” and “Ghost of Abu Gharib.” His only non-fiction work thus far is the adaptation of the novel “The Last of the Scribe: The Epic Quest to Save a Lone Man in the Amazon.”

As for who will play the Black Panther, my guess is Idris Elba. Months ago, he mentioned signing a multi-picture deal with Marvel Studios but couldn’t give any details. Hopefully, my assumption is true. Elba would be perfect.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. 1

    I agree. I would be surprised if it wasn’t Elba.

  2. moviefan #

    Nice to hear movement is going for black panther. I don’t know this guy work. But I hope he does the character well.

  3. kev #

    He would be awesome in this role!

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