Bryan Adams’ Music Video from ‘Old Dogs’


Here is the video for Bryan Adams’ song “You’ve Been A Friend To Me,” which appears on the soundtrack for “Old Dogs.”

I haven’t heard anything good about the movie, and I have never been much of a Bryan Adams fan, but the song really isn’t too bad. It’s not that hard to imagine a time when this song would have gotten heavy rotation on the radio (and maybe it even does now, I haven’t listened to a music radio station in years).

The biggest drawback is that the video includes a lot of sounds from the movie … and from the looks (and sounds) of it, the less we see (and hear) of the movie, the better off we are.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. moviefan #

    cool bryan adams is one of my fav singers.

  2. Cam Smith #

    I have a hard time believing that Bryan Adams couldn’t have found a better project to sumbit music for than OLD DOGS…

  3. Josue #

    lol!i love Bryan, pretty good song! Cam, you are so mean!! lol lol

  4. Cam Smith #

    Mean? Or truthful?

  5. Dani #

    ^ Both!

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