Charlie Sheen Returning to TV in ‘Anger Management’


Thought your TV screen would be tiger blood-free following Charlie Sheen’s very public firing from “Two and a Half Men” after his fallout with series creator Chuck Lorre? Think again. Sheen already has another TV project in development based on a 2003 comedy I’d honestly forgotten existed until now.

“Anger Management” starred Adam Sandler as a man sentenced to, you guessed it, anger management who clashes with his unorthodox, unbalanced instructor (Jack Nicholson). The show would be loosely based on the film, with Sheen stepping into Nicholson’s role.

In the show, the character would be a former athlete who becomes an anger management counselor for criminal defendants.

Sheen is reportedly nearing a production deal with Lionsgate, but as of now it has no network commitment. Most people are familiar with the public scrutiny and mockery surrounding Sheen ever since his tirades against Lorre and his goddess and warlock-infused escapades landed him with a pink slip from his successful CBS sitcom. Ashton Kutcher will replace him when “Two and a Half Men” returns this fall.

I’m personally sick of Sheen and have no desire to endure his insanity on a weekly basis, but there’s no denying that he should be able to play someone with anger issues convincingly. And I can’t say I’m surprised Sheen wants to head back to the small screen while his antics are still fresh on everyone’s minds.

So what do you think? Will “Anger Management” be a “winning” venture for Sheen? Is it worthy of a TV adaptation eight years after its mediocre splash on the big screen? Are you as tired of hearing about Sheen as I am? Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. rob #

    I think Sheen’s quite talented. He needs someone who can both manage his giant ego and effectively reel-in his self-destructive tendencies; that’s a tall order and Chuck Lorre certainly wasn’t up for it.

    I don’t think Sheen’s a bad guy, not generally speaking. But he needs lots of structure and some way to stay off the drugs. Give him too much structure though, and you get meltdowns like the one from earlier this year–it’s a bit of a catch 22.

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