Five Clips from ‘The Tourist’


My roommate and I were discussing Angelina Jolie this week — mostly how she seems to play some sort of bad ass in many of her roles. She’s a spy, or an assassin. She kicks butt and looks hot doing it. In “The Tourist,” Jolie plays a mystery woman on the run with the same sort of dominance as her bad ass roles, this time covered up with an elegant regal exterior. As Elise, Jolie meets a man named Frank (Johnny Depp) on a train. Frank, a mystery novel reader, doesn’t know that getting involved with Elise will turn his life into his own personal thriller. Elise is on the run from both agents (including Paul Bettany) and gangsters who are trying to find her former lover Alexander, a criminal who has stolen money from the gangsters.

In my mind, whether playing a bad ass or not, Jolie is usually pretty mesmerizing, but I especially love Depp in these clips. His sort of timid, bumbling everyman is pretty endearing and a lot different than the characters we’ve seen him play lately (Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter). The clip “I’m Elise” especially shows that.

Check out “The Tourist” when it comes to theaters on Dec. 10.

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