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Under Review: ‘The Tourist’

— by JESSIKA OWENS — If “Salt” had a baby — a very predictable baby — with “The Italian Job,” that underachiever of a child would be “The Tourist.” And I would quickly like to apologize in advance to anyone and everyone involved with the fi[...]

Five Clips from ‘The Tourist’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — My roommate and I were discussing Angelina Jolie this week — mostly how she seems to play some sort of bad ass in many of her roles. She’s a spy, or an assassin. She kicks butt and looks hot doing it. In “The Tourist,” Jolie plays a mystery w[...]

A New TV Spot for ‘The Tourist’ Makes a Visit

— by SHERICE ANTOINETTE — A new TV spot for “The Tourist” debuted Friday and it’s slightly different than the trailer. Removed from the 30-second teaser is any sequences which could be misconstrued as comedic and the music isn’t a rock song by Muse. Even with these changes, I’m[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘The Tourist’

— by ALEXA MILAN — Before the trailer debuted this week, I only knew “The Tourist” as that movie Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were filming when all the tabloids started speculating about whether or not they would have an affair. But based on the first trailer, the movie cer[...]