A New TV Spot for ‘The Tourist’ Makes a Visit


A new TV spot for “The Tourist” debuted Friday and it’s slightly different than the trailer. Removed from the 30-second teaser is any sequences which could be misconstrued as comedic and the music isn’t a rock song by Muse. Even with these changes, I’m still not jazzed about this film when I probably should be.

The Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck film stars two of the most sought-after actors working — Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie — and a good portion of the movie was shot in beautiful Venice. Still, despite these tantalizing factors, the film hasn’t won me over.

Maybe the reason behind my disenchantment is the fact that both principal actors don’t exactly look their best here. Depp looks bloated, Jolie too skinny. In addition to the physical letdown, the Elise character appears to mirror Jolie’s outward persona and Frank, although different than Depp’s eccentric roles, isn’t all that interesting.

However, I’m holding out hope the film will surprise since it was directed by Donnersmarck, who won an Academy Award for “The Lives of Others.” After all, the film is a remake of the French movie “Anthony Zimmer.” Perhaps the director chose specific sequences in both the trailer and TV spot to mislead the audience. But as of now, the film seems to be all glam with no substance.

We shall soon see if my pessimism is warranted. “The Tourist” opens nation-wide Dec. 10.

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