A Look at Oa and the ‘Green Lantern’ Power Battery


“Green Lantern” is nine months away and in the past few months we have been given images of Ryan Reynolds in his GL suit, Abin Sur, Kilowog and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond, and now a few images of the famous city Oa have been released.

The only time I have seen Oa in any other Green Lantern media, was in the “Green Lantern: First Flight” animated movie. Now, seeing it in a live-action movie, my expectations for this movie are getting higher. The film-makers have done an amazing job for the design of the city.

Obviously, this must have been one of the most prioritized parts for the movie, so I guess a big chunk of their budget was used for the city. For a movie like “Green Lantern,” I feel it’s important to do justice to one of the things that plays a big role in bringing such a big comic book character to life.

Also revealed a couple of weeks ago at the Spike TV Screams Awards was the famous Green Lantern Power Battery … and seriously, have you seen anything cooler?!

For those of you who are going to see part 1 of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” this month, prepare yourself for an official trailer of “Green Lantern,” which will be hitting theaters June 17, 2011. Stay tuned for hopefully more images and other “Green Lantern” news. In the meanwhile, leave your comments on what you think of the looks of Oa and the Power Battery at right.

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  1. moviefan #

    Totally can’t wait to see how the planets and characters look in live action. As for battery it looks interestinf and goes for feel the film has. Can’t wait for trailer release with hp7.

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