Five More Clips From ‘The Boondock Saints 2’


“Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day” mania continues here at It’s Just Movies, with five more clips from the film. The film opened this past weekend, making $546,687 on fewer than 70 screens, giving it a one of the best per-screen-averages of any movie playing. It seems Troy Duffy will, in fact, have his day.

Our own Mariusz Zubrowski reviewed the film, and you can find numerous interviews with the cast and filmmaker elsewhere on the site. These scenes aren’t much to be thrilled about. I could go into the context of each clip, like Julie Benz looking good and doing gun-tricks, but is this really necessary? If you want to see this movie, you’ll get your chance as the films rolls out to more theaters over the next few weeks, and these clips can whet your appetite. If you don’t want to see the movie, these clips will probably confirm precisely why.

I’m not sure I think there’s anything terribly wrong with these clips; the writing isn’t completely dreadful (though the fake beards are), the acting is fine, the shots are competently lit and composed — which is to say that they are both lit and composed. But I didn’t find the clips or the film life-changing or even particularly compelling; certainly not in the context of other, better entertainments from earlier this year. Disagree? Well, of course you would. If you’re a fan, more power to you. Let me know what I’m missing here.

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  1. Kent #

    It certainly seems to be doing well enough on a per screen basis to get a wider platform.

  2. Don #

    Wow … I have yet to read anything good about the movie … that’s too bad.

  3. BCbob #

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

  4. Dani #

    I was hoping for more from this movie.