Four Clips from ‘Bad Teacher’


I’ve had some fun teachers who often broke the little rules in school to make it more memorable, but I’ve never had one that broke these rules.

Elizabeth (played by Cameron Diaz) is a junior high school teacher who loses her sugar daddy and starts to a plan to get a colleague (Justin Timberlake), but her plan pits her against a favored teacher in the process.

In the first clip, Elizabeth meets Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch):

In the second clip, one of the other teachers invites Elizabeth to go see the teacher band “Period 5”:

In clip number three, Elizabeth pulls out all the stops when she dresses sexy to wash cars to raise money:

In the last clip, Russell (Jason Segel) argues with a student about who is the best basketball player between Michael Jordan and LeBron James:

“Bad Teacher” also stars Phyllis Smith and opens in theatres June 24.

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  1. Adam P #

    I think this movie looks funny, clever and raunchy and I can’t wait to see Timberlake and Diaz together.