Four Clips from ‘Friends with Benefits’


Have you ever had a friend of the opposite sex with whom you knew a relationship wouldn’t work, but then there is that sexual attraction? Can nothing be done? Enter the new phase of “Friends with Benefits,” a type of relationship without the relationship with all the perks of just sex and no emotional attachments.

Writers Keith Merryman and David Newman and director Will Gluck deliver a common situation with the ups and downs of trying to make a non-emotional, just-sex-only situation work.

In clip one, Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) make a promise on her Bible app.

Having a parent walk on you while having sex with your boyfriend is bad enough, but when Jamie’s mom (Patricia Clarkson) walks in on her and Dylan, she has the added awkward moment of explaining they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Dylan discusses the ideas of having a friend with benefits with his friend Tommy (Woody Harrelson), who doesn’t believe that those types of relationships ever work out.

In this final clip, Jamie sets up a flash mob to convince Dylan to leave his job in San Francisco and take a job in New York.

“Friends With Benefits” — which also stars Jenna Elfman and Bryan Greenberg — opens in theatres July 22. And for our review of the movie, click HERE.

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  1. Disco #

    There’s just something about Timberlake that makes me want to skip his movies. Kunis is almost enough to overcome that, though.