Green Lantern to Suit Up in CGI?


From what seemed like nothing, a flurry of information/rumors has appeared regarding the highly anticipated look Ryan Reynolds will be sporting when “Green Lantern” lands next year. An artist named Jason Palmer, who is known for his artwork and designs from the Joss Whedon-directed movie “Serenity” (and its TV show forebearer “Firefly)”, posted on his Deviant Art Journal last week:

    Hello all,

    Been busy with, among other things, two movies each based on DC comic characters (one has a scar, one has a ring) I’ll share with you when I can. I’ve also done prints for recent shows. This weekend I’ll be in Seattle at the Emerald City Comicon. Stop by my booth #1110 and if you like pick up a copy of the exclusive print I’ve done for the show!

    I’ll also be at Wonder Con in San Francisco April 2-4 where I should finally have the River vs. Reavers print!


He then also goes onto say:

    I did some work for the upcoming “Green Lantern” movie. I can’t show the submitted art, but this is some extra art I did as a cover to the submission pdf, but was strangely not included in the submission. Oh well. For this art, I didn’t use costume designs or Reynolds ref that was provided by WB, so I can share it with you. ..

His art is shown below:

Now obviously, he seems to be referring to Jonah Hex (scar) too in this passage, and as you can see with the Green Lantern image we’ve attached as his “evidence” his work certainly talks a good talk. I would love for the final design to be something like this. But the pessimist in me also notices how Mr. Palmer also gives himself a little bit of advertisement about his upcoming appearances in the same passage as the hot GL-related information he knows is going to be spread across every news site and forum around the internet within hours. Hmm…

Further to this news, it was revealed by another web site’s “source” that the GL suit will be entirely CG. They mention how we shouldn’t expect any leaked on-set photos of Reynold’s suited up in green as all he is wearing is a grey performance capture suit, with the Green Lantern Corps stylings being added on in post-production.

They go on to mention in the article a very good point about Hal Jordan’s suit. It is supposed to be an alien uniform. It is also supposed to be an outfit that the GL ring dons Hal Jordan with when he needs to suit up. This isn’t a suit he keeps hidden under his clothes or has to run to the closet to get changed into. Up until the events of the movie due out next year, there has never been a human Green Lantern, so why shouldn’t the uniform look other-worldly? Costume designer Ngila Dickson who has been designing the outfit was tasked with making something that is different from the usual spandex or leather that has been a staple of the superhero movie genre of late. I am genuinely excited to see what they produce with this mix of traditional costume design and CGI-tailoring.

In other Green Lantern-related news, SuperHero Hype posted the news that “The Closer” star Jon Tenney is locked to play Hal Jordan’s father, test pilot Martin H. Jordan. Tenney told SHH:

    “‘The Closer’s’ letting me shoot off in June a little bit, and I’m doing a little picture called ‘Green Lantern,’ and that will be fun! Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern, and when he is a young boy, like 11, I’m his father. I’m Hal Jordan’s dad. I’m very excited – it’s incredible company.”

He goes on to mention how the script is being kept under lock and key:

    “Well, it’s under lockdown, that script. It’s very, very secretive. They’re only releasing sections of it, so they’re keeping everybody in the dark,” he said. “What I’ve read is amazing. And ‘Green Lantern’ was one of my favorite comic book characters as a kid.”

So anyone have any theories on how and why flashbacks to Hal’s childhood are going to be used in the film? Will events in his childhood resonate or have some impact on the overall story arc? As usual, IJMers, sound off in the comments box…

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  1. moviefan #

    Its an interesting development for sure. Now the ideal of a tracking suit/motion capture suit does open up for some interesting looks they can go with in post with cgi. I do hope sony imageworks who is doing green lantern sfx work will be on their A game. Also i wonder how will they go about his domino mask?? Also geoff johns has confirmed the cgi costume news.

    As for that palmer guy stuff, it has been stated already by the artist it was just work he was doing for gl. But wasnt what is the final look for the film. But its nice art work any way.

    As for tenney being martin jordan that is some nice casting there. I have seen him in a few different things. So he will probably be a fine martin. Though probably doesnt have that big of a role.

  2. Ben Fowler #

    I’ve said from the beginning that I don’t think they will have a domino mask on GL in the film. Although Palmer does also mention that he submitted the same artwork as in the picture but with a mask on Reynolds too.

  3. moviefan #

    there is no reason why they wouldnt have the mask, and i think i read that they are doing mask. Plus there has been alot of talk being extremely faithful to the comics.

  4. Yoda's Twin #

    I want to see the suit now!

  5. deborah #

    makes sense.