How It Should Have Ended: ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’


There have been a whole series of these videos created called “How It should have Ended” and they are pretty funny.

The newest one takes aim at “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” a movie that some have argued should never have even begun.

The official description that came with the short: The HISHE short that made me lose any kind of summer tan I had, “Transformers 2.” I hope you enjoy our latest addition. I have wanted to make a “Transformers” title for many years now, and when “Revenge of the Fallen” came out, it was obviously the appropriate time. Despite the massive amounts of money that movie made over the summer, there are actually an insane amount of plot holes/errors as well. So many, in fact, we had to pick and choose which ones we’d like to point out most, otherwise this short could easily have been 8 minutes 🙂 Some of yall might not have a problem with that, but we gotta keep our vid length reasonable.

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  1. christine #


  2. Kent #

    Unfortunately, I hated the movie so much, I can’t even appreciate this.

  3. Zefrum #

    This was awesome.

  4. SomeKindOfWonderful #

    What a terrible movie Transformers 2 was. Just dreadful.