Trailer Talk: ‘The Other Side of Paradise’


This trailer shows us how creative and extremely funny an offbeat indie movie can actually be.

The film follows Rose Hewitt (Arianne Martin), Alex Doran (John Elliott) and Jamie (Frank Mosley).

These three take an out-of-the-ordinary road trip on the way to her first gallery opening. Alex is the recently single friend Rose has always had feelings for, while Jamie is the misfit who has just been released from prison. Right there, in itself, is quite a trio of characters.

They run into many other wild people and, as you can see in the trailer after the last credit, a hick who is bewildered as to why someone decided to display their “pecker” on parade. To me, the actors seemed perfectly fit for the roles they played and with that came great chemistry into a great script. They took what could have been an ordinary road trip film and turned it into a true-to-life journey.

“The Other Side of Paradise” was written by Justin D. Hilliard, Arianne Martin and Ryan Hartsell and was directed by Hilliard.

We also have a clip from the movie featuring a pretty awesome-looking dog named Larry David
(he even has his own Facebook page):

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  1. Kat #

    Cool! I want to see this!

  2. Disco #

    That dog is awesome. I want one!

  3. Doug #

    Looks pretty good.

  4. SuperFan #

    That dog is the bomb.