Kristen Wiig to ‘Clown’ Around on Big Screen

— by ROB COX —

Deadline Hollywood reported recently that current “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kristen Wiig has optioned the rights to author Monica Drake’s 2007 novel “Clown Girl.” Wiig purchased the rights with her own money and will write the script herself. In addition, Wiig wants to star in the film.

“Clown Girl” tells the story of Nita, a young woman who pays the bills working as Sniffles the Clown. Nita performs at various street fairs and corporate gigs in her hometown. Baloneytown, though, is a tough place for a clown; it’s dilapidated, economically depressed and riddled with crime. Worse, there’s a substantial underground market for clown-fetish prostitution and Nita finds herself being drawn ever closer to that dangerous, but profitable world. She longs to escape, but has blown her savings on a pseudo boyfriend that bilked her to finance his education at clown college.

It’s a dark, whacky premise that sounds perfect for the versatile Wiig, who’s easily my favorite current cast member. In the meantime, Wiig stars in the upcoming SNL-based “MacGruber” alongside fellow SNL player Will Forte. That film releases May 21.

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    I think she’s an underrated hottie.