New Details Emerge About ‘Scream’ Franchise


“Scream 4” writer Kevin Williamson has made several new comments regarding the film and it’s more-than-likely sequels. One of the burning topics regarding the resurrection of “Scream” among fans has been the return of Jamie Kennedy’s character Randy. Williamson has stated that fan favorite Randy will NOT be returning to the franchise. Williamson went on to state, “No. We’re not that movie, we’re not that universe where you can bring people back from the dead. That would be just a cheat. It’s such a disservice.” I think this is the most refreshing piece of news that I have heard thus far regarding “Scream 4.” Randy was a vital part to the original trilogy, but leaching off the success of the first film by bringing him back could have very well blown up in the face of the writer. Randy will be missed, of course, but what worked a decade ago may not work with today’s audience.

As far as “Scream 4” being the platform for a second Scream trilogy, Williamson responded by saying, “I am contracted for ‘4’ and ‘5,’ but the deal for ‘6’ is not done. I mean, I pitched three films. The story is about returning to Woodsboro, and ‘Scream 5’ — knock on wood, if we actually get to it, because ‘4’ has to be good in order for us to make a ‘5’ — ‘5’ will be a continuation of ‘4,’ but ‘4’ is its own movie.”

So what is to be expected of this decade-later sequel? It appears as though it will not follow the precise “Scream” format, as Williamson has implied by stating that the new movies may not embrace the “post-modern horror” approach. He said: “I just think the most important thing is ‘Scream’ needs to be scary. If we make it scary, then I think we’ll have done our jobs, and it won’t matter whether it’s a post-post-modern revision/deconstruction.” I’m not entirely sure I like the sound of that, as Scream was brilliant in its satirical post-modern realism as seen through the characters’ eyes. I mean come on, they knew they were in a scary movie!

Regardless, with the new information brought forward by Kevin Williamson, I must say I’m getting amped up for “Scream 4” — fingers crossed that it can hold true to the “Scream” name.

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  1. Adam P #

    That is good news! Im glad that arent gonn be leeching off the 1st 3 in order to make the 4th one and beyond. Good writing is paramount to the success of any movie!