Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Saw VI’


The “Saw” series has never been rich on intellect but this hasn’t stopped Lions Gate Films from cranking out installments annually.

This year marks the sixth addition to the franchise, which seems to go from bad to worse. The plot is migraine-inducing and the violence cringe-worthy, but the diehard fans of the series seem to enjoy those aspects of the films.

In this behind-the-scenes sneak peek, Tobin Bell is acting out his most recognizable role as Jigsaw along with co-star Costas Mandylor. Costas Mandylor acts the same, wooden, and ultimately unlikeable character as he has in the past installments. Tobin Bell, though I admit I like this voice-acting for the puppet Jigsaw, is once again playing the same equally dull character. The “Saw” series needs to invest in some genuine scares, some intelligence, and some better actors.

“Saw VI” arrives in theaters everywhere today.

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    Costas Mandylor always looks so greasy in these flicks.