Man of Steel Logo Unveiled


Here it is, folks, the Superman logo being used for the movie “Man of Steel.” See it below …

Earlier this week, a lower quality version of this photo was released, inciting lots of discussion. Some fans loved it, and immediately made it their Twitter avatar and desktop wallpaper. I, for one, thought it looked cool … very cool. I made it my wallpaper for both my phones and home computer, though I was a little disappointed by the low-quality version available. But now we can see every little detail in this much larger resolution wallpaper.

The new Superman logo has the same, classic round feel the “Superman Returns” crest also had. I remember loving that one so much when it was released that I had to buy the T-shirt, and the poster.

Now, we have a new S-shield, House of El crest, or whatever you like to call it. I feel it is true to the name of the movie, “Man of Steel,” as the crest seems to be metallic — or shall I say steel.

Another interesting point I noticed on this photo is the steel crest, which appears to be red-hot. I could be wrong and maybe it’s just yellow lighting from the rear, but I think it has that burning steel look, perhaps it’s Superman’s ship entering Earth’s atmosphere. Maybe this is the color scheme for the “Man of Steel” movie. Perhaps this metallic look is the best fit with the new Kryptonian culture being developed for the movie. This could be a whole Kryptonian civilization being brought to life as we have never seen before.

Finally, it is hard to miss some linear designs in the actual design of the S-shield. Some folks online have mockingly claimed it looks like the famous Nike swoosh logo, and I must admit it did appear that way, especially with the lower resolution photo. But with this new HQ photo you can see these lines don’t meet at the ends in the Nike fashion, instead it’s a series of linear designs — which I assume are Kryptonian — that run along the S in the crest from top to bottom.

Or, possible, it the symbol for water. See the photo below, which is from the pre-Superman television show “Smallville.”

In the show and in the comics, this glyph is the symbol for “water,” in Kryptonian. Do you see the similarity? It has been said that various scenes in “Man of Steel” are of Krypton before its destruction and will be below water. The Superman crest itself also represents the Kryptonian symbol for “air.” I feel in this new amazing logo that they have combined the well-known Superman comics symbols for air and water into one. So, I want to be the first to call it — this extremely unique design of the Superman shield and its carved lines will be water related, mark my words.

I feel this is a highly-detailed logo, and only a small example of the dedication and detail being committed to the “Man of Steel” movie.

I am anxiously waiting for the movie teaser trailer, which is rumored to be attached to “The Dark Knight Rises.” What do you think about the logo wallpaper? What do you think about my water idea?

“Man of Steel” will fly into theater May 14, 2013 It is being directed by Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon and Laurence Fishburne to name just a few.

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    Its a sweet logo/poster

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