New and Improved Wonder Woman Costume in Action


So there has been a lot of talk, good and bad, about David E. Kelley’s re-imagining of the classic “Wonder Woman” television show. Hopes were high and, at first, the announcement of the casting of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was said to be a good decision based off of her looks, but did she have to raw-feminine prowess and strength to pull off the role?

Then they released a very simple picture of Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costume, against a white background, in all her shimmering glory and the fans were not pleased. They had taken Jim Lee’s redesigned costume from the comic books, altered it, and made her look like a latex dominatrix. There were so many things that were just off about the entire outfit — the pants were shiny, the boots were blue instead of their iconic red, and the hair and make-up made her look like a Tennessee beauty queen.

It looks like the studio and design department heard the outcry of fan-boys everywhere and made some immediate changes. In these first-look pictures of Palicki in action on the set of “Wonder Woman,” I am pleased to say that I like the new and improved look. They changed the pants from shimmering latex to a more subdued darker blue, which helps to make them look more practical and helps to accent the stars on the sides of the pants. They got rid of the big hair and bright red lipstick, which changes her facial complexion and makes her seem more like a real everyday woman.

And the boots have had two changes. First, they made them red and took them from a ridiculous high heel to a very realistic and functional thick boot-heel instead (at least during the action sequences).

Update: Click HERE to see A New ‘Wonder Woman’ Image and Some Video Footage

These pictures of the Amazonian warrior goddess are an improvement over the original concepts, but it will take more than a few costume changes to win over fans. Seeing the show and chemistry of the characters will be the true test. What do you think? Did the new costume and seeing it in the real world help sway your vote from a “nay” to a “yay?” Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Sherice Antoinette #

    Looks like something Katy Perry would wear on tour. If the studio truly listened to the fanboy outcry, they would have gotten rid of the shiny bustier and switch the material to leather giving it a gladiator feel. Wonder Woman is a warrior and I’ll say it again, post Xena, this costume is not acceptable. Don’t. Like.

  2. Al #

    I can cope with the changes, maybe if the gold was a little less plastic-y and a bit more medal looking. Better but still not jazzed about the show.

  3. Gabriel #

    Why the long pants?????…WW is iconic for her short pants..Adrianne Palicki was an excelent choice for the cast. Good One..But..they Fail on the costume…Very modern..very fashion but…Maan we want to see a nice butt too!!!!! For a good reference to this new generation who dont know about the CBS WW serie.try to change the costume later.

  4. Bren #

    Why couldn’t you just replicate the original outfit? Why change it at all? It’s okay, but it doesn’t look like leather or metal, more like plastic (the top).

  5. Kat #

    She just doesn’t look like Wonder Woman to me.

  6. Sherice Antoinette #

    Gabriel, I don’t like the pants either.

    But I like the fan costumes above.

  7. Seralla #

    OMG This is wonder woman ?? She looks good BUTTTTTTTTTTTT wonder woman has more like ass and hips and sexness no offence that woman’s pretty but NOPE !! 🙂

  8. jeff #

    Hmm. I’m not sold on the girl or the costume. I’ll give it one episode to change my mind.

  9. Maggie #

    Seriously the costume could use some more work… I’m happy to see it’s changing, but still…. I am a die hard WW fan, but I don’t know if I really want to take a risk and watch the show…. Though maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and it will turn out to be along the lines of Smallville….

  10. Paul M #

    The new costume is much better and more in keeping with the comic book character. The original costume shot looked absolutely hideous. The intensity of Adrianne in the shots looks good, but it will remain to be seen how the show comes off. Less is more.

  11. Randy G. #

    I’ve been really looking forward to this, and I’m diggin’ the IDEA of the updated costume (had it been executed right). The pants are fine, but the belt, tiara, & the gold on the bustier, look like cheap plastic from a kids toy. The shiny vinyl look to the bustier, does look like a cheap S&M outfit. Is really the best that they could do?!

    I’ve enjoyed Adrianne Palicki in some of her past projects, but to be brutally honest, she looks physically awful in these still shots. Hopefully, it’s just the action shots (but why would the studio release unflattering pics?)The hair looks like a dollar store Halloween wig. Give us a great promo/non-action photo, that’ll make me eat my words, & love her madly.

    I hope with ever fiber of my being, that this isn’t going to turn out like the updated and cancelled Bionic Woman project. We need a winner this time.

  12. 12

    The new Wonder Woman costume is a huge step up, but only because the first version was so bad. Very smart move … probably unintentional.

  13. Mo GB #

    I feel kind of bad saying this, but I just don’t think she’s pretty enough for the role. I think of Wonder Woman as being the ideal beauty and I just don’t see it here.

  14. Lyn #

    I think she looks great! Give her a chance. Lynda Carter wasn’t all that great especially in the acting department.

  15. 15

    Sorry but the small hair looks stupid and the bulky pants makes her look like a lesbian superhero.
    Plus on top of this the fabrics used to make the outfit look cheap.
    In essence the new Wonderwoman looks like she stepped out of a ok Costume shop and she is on her way to a masquereade party !
    David Kelly u should have left WW alone !
    Shame on you..

  16. Josue #

    I love it, I love it, I love it. And I feel she will have various outfits.

  17. Josue #

    God, I love that second picture… *loves* *faints*

  18. KOZMIK #

    This outfit looks tacky. I have seen better Wonder Woman outfits worn by the actresses at theme parks. The tiara or crown is really weak too. Far too small.
    As for the actress… don’t know her and haven’t googled her yet. But what is with that wart/mole/bump/pimple thing in between her eyebrows??? Scary.

  19. robert #

    it looks awsome and i liked both versions of the suit’s, i still want the red panties with stars but i love this new one it could even go black like in the comics, i can’t wait for this, hey maybe smallville tom welling superman can guest star on one or some, that would be awsome

  20. Taylor Aiken #

    No, no, no. Glad they changed the pants, boots, and got rid of the big hair and bright red lipstick, but the outfit still looks like something one would wear to go trick or treating. Get rid of the cheap looking gold and tone down the top. Her top should not look that bright. Same goes for the boots. Tone down the boots. Also, get rid of the stars on her pants. This Wonder Woman is suppossed to look modern and realistic right? Then, do something like this: Do you see how her shirt is not shiny, the gold looks like real gold, and her pants are devoid of stars? That is the way to go. Also get rid of the rope. I know it’s apart of her outfit, but I just cannot see how a rope would be practical or efficient when she is fighting crime. The bad guys would get away before she got the rope off her belt and was able to lasso them. Go with a material like cotton, cashmere, or similar material for the top. Stay away far away from shiny material. The pants could be a darker blue, too.

  21. Avani #

    I still do not like the entire outfit… I thought, “Maybe they got it right this time?” But no. It’s awful. From a hot nerd girl’s point of view, it’s totally and utterly awful. Admittedly,the pants are an improvement, but it still just doesn’t make it.

  22. Tom #

    This costume still isn’t working so hopefully the producers will tweak it…There has to be some way to effectively transition the costume from the comics to television. I believe that they can do a better job using the current comic book model. I understand that they will not be able to make everyone happy; a lot of people do not realize that her uniform has changed in the comic books but has it ever really been realistically effective? Though it is fiction for a reason. I just hope that they don’t actually go forward with the “invisible plane”. That was the cheesiest thing ever. At least in the comics and the Justice League cartoon they had her flying much like Superman… The producers should hold true to that idea as well.

  23. Kim #

    I am OPEN…I want this show to succeed…sooo…NO negative comment from this girl…since I was a little girl I have been a WW fan and I REFUSE to say what should and should not be done…The outfit is fitting a more modern/comic book look and that is where WW originated – sooo…I think GIVE the makers a CHANCE…we can’t have a movie right now so they are trying a TV show…GOOD LUCK to the whole crew involved…and cudos to the girl who was brave enough to be compared to the “great” Lynda Carter…

  24. Ray #

    Don’t really care for Dollar Store
    Also, I loved the shorts..not the
    pants. Show some legs, for crying out loud
    & different boots.

  25. moviefan #

    Looks alot better. Totally had a feeling things would change up. Glad they listened to fan disproval and fixed the suit up.

  26. Andy Behbakht #

    It looks much better, it’s a start 😉 Still a bit unsure about this but you never know 😉

  27. astrid ennui #

    where are the hotpants? i WANT hotpants!

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