Poster Peek: ‘Harry Brown’

— by TOM ELCE —

Just in case you were beginning to forget, a poster has arrived on-scene to remind everyone that Michael Caine is still cool. So sayeth one of the very quotes prominently on the new poster for “Harry Brown,” coupled with an image that features the man carrying a gun in one hand, a bag (filled with what?) in the other.

The bullseye logo promoting the movie actually reminded me of the movie “Quadrophenia,” but the movie’s plot — that of a widowed ex-serviceman seeking vengeance on the killers of a friend — reminds moreso of the “Death Wish” movies than anything else. It’s an okay-looking poster, but has nothing spectacular or new to boast about.

Here, the masters of his friend’s downfall are young teenagers, so expect the film to have something to say on the teenage culture of present-day Britain, and hope that it does so better than movies like “Kidulthood” managed. One thing’s for sure: it’ll be some sight to see how “Harry Brown” shows the 76-year-old Caine facing off against the thugs of the movie.

The film’s the first feature-length movie from director Daniel Barber and is based on a screenplay written by Gary Young, who himself has yet to hit major success. Behind Caine in the cast, the most notable actors are Iain Glen of the last two “Resident Evil” films and Emily Mortimer, one of the classiest Brit actresses.

“Harry Brown” is listed for a Nov. 13 UK release on IMDb, but the new poster says Nov. 11.

Click here to see the trailer for “Harry Brown.”

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  1. Disco #

    I like the older poster more.

  2. Don #

    ^ I’m inclined to agree.