Trailer Talk: ‘Bunny and the Bull’


I honestly didn’t know what to think when I saw this trailer. I haven’t seen much British comedy, other than some older Simon Pegg movies.

There were some funny moments and some very interesting camera work.

The entire movie is set inside of the flat of Stephen Turnbull (played by Edward Hogg).

As an invasion of mice begins to wreak havoc on his beloved routine, he finds his mind starts to flashback to the disastrous trek around Europe he went on the previous year with his best friend Bunny (Simon Farnaby).

The twist is that Stephen’s memories and hallucinations utilize snapshots, souvenir replica landmarks, newspapers, old clock parts and objects found throughout his house. The concept, in and of itself, is engaging. As the trailer shows, you are in for a very psychedelic and bizarre ride.

“Bunny and the Bull” is a British indie-comedy film from writer/director Paul King. He also did the very well-liked TV series “The Mighty Boosh.”

“Bunny and the Bull” is currently slated to be released sometime this month and has been officially selected for the Toronto Film Festival.

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    Looks kind of funny.