Poster Peek: ‘Iron Man 2’ (Whiplash Version)


Whiplash looks angry, really angry. After Jon Favreau promising on Twitter that the new poster for “Iron Man 2” was ready to be released, it finally arrived. Ivan Vanko — or Whiplash to you and me — looks like he has a serious grudge against Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) going by the serial-killer style wallpaper he has behind him. Either that or he loves Stark in a really weird way …

Seriously, though, take away his actual “whips” and I still wouldn’t want to take on Mickey Rourke (Iron Man armour or not!). Rourke seems to be seething hatred in that picture and it will be awesome to see a good old-fashioned slobberknocker between him and Ol’ Shellhead … but y’know, with super-advanced weaponry involved.

As much as I’m liking the retro, almost steampunk tech, they have Whiplash wearing, am I the only one who thinks that one sniper shot from one of the myriad of weapons at Iron Man’s disposal, targeted at the right pipe, or wire, or section of his armour could easily disable Vanko’s weapons or even incapacitate him? Just a thought.

Even though I am concerned with the whole “increase in villains equals decrease in quality” rule they are in danger of becoming victim to, I am really hyped about this film and fully expect it to be one of the big hitters of 2010. We’ll be able to get our first taste of “Iron Man 2” goodness when the official trailer is released with “Sherlock Holmes” on Dec. 25. But what say you? Are you excited to see Iron Man return? Can they keep the blockbusting momentum going from the first film? Sound off in the comments section.

Iron Man 2 is due for release on May 7, 2010.

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  1. Kurt #

    That is pretty cool looking.

  2. Disco #

    That was just about exactly what I expected.

  3. Robert D #

    Much better than the first two.

  4. moviefan #

    its a cool poster i cant wait to see how whiplash is like in the film.

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