Poster Peek: ‘Little Fockers’


This Christmas, “Little Fockers,” the third installment in the “Meet The Parents” series, arrives in theatres. As we all know, movie posters are designed to make good movies look epic and epic fail movies look good. Here are a few things you can infer just from the poster:

1) It’s Tapioca Night at the Movies: Robert De Niro is 67 years old. DeNiro. The first tier of legitimate Hollywood actors are mostly senior citizens, or look like them, I mean My God, look at his hair!

2) Can Anybody Hear Me?: Robert De Niro is struggling to remain relevant. This one is relatively self-explanatory. An actor with De Niro’s resume and two Oscars should be able to do pretty much anything they very well please. So why do “Meet the Parents” movies?

3) Cutting and Running: Ben Stiller is getting work done behind the scenes. Seriosuly, the man’s coming up on 50 and he’s got no grays, no wrinkles? Either he’s getting surgery, he’s got one fine airbrusher or he’s discovered a method of time travel and is not revealign the secret!

4) How Many Lulz Must a Joke Get Before They Call It Funny? : The “Fockers” joke is over extended. Put another way, the wordplay is no longer cute or clever. I realize that the goal of the joke is the cliché, but there’s such a thing as enough being enough. WE GET IT!

5) Wait, What’s This Movie About Again?: The movie is called “Little Fockers.” Okay. So where’s the kids? I see Dad. I see Grandpop. Where’s the rug rats. I mean, the movie’s called “Little Fockers,” yet there’s two adult, generally unattractive IMHO, faces on the poster. Oh wait, the kids are in the tagline. Maybe kids will bring them together. Even the tagline isn’t really about the kids!

7) “Little Fockers,” on some level, will be funny, if not good, if for no other reason that any movie Owen Wilson’s in is a joke.

Lastly, I’d like to throw in a bonus peek that you don’t need to see the poster to know. That peek, very simply is this: Teri Polo is hot!

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    This poster isnt as engaging as I was hoping for. This third installment doesnt have the appeal that the first did for some reason, I guess the writing just doesnt seem as good.

  2. Wes #

    I will be skipping this one.