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It is such a great time to be a “Smallville” fan. They are getting a movie, they are getting all kinds of exciting guest stars on their show and old favorites returning to the show. They are even getting art, in this case, an impressive poster for the upcoming movie.

So, while the world anxiously waits for DC Enterprises (DC Comics and Warner Brothers combined) to assemble the “Justice League” movie they have been promising us for half a decade, or the another “Superman” movie, we joyfully welcome The CW’s “Smallville: Absolute Justice” movie event. It will include members of the “Justice league” and “Justice Society of America” (the first superhero team in history) as well as multiple villains from the comic books.

This project came together when they realized that they had written two episodes that where so good, they needed to combine them into a two-hour long event. For now, this may be the closest we will get to a “Justice League” movie or a “Superman” movie, and make no mistake, Smallville’s Clark Kent is not far from being Superman.

At this moment, on the show, he has already developed X-ray vision, heat vision, super-hearing, super-breath and he definitely leaps tall buildings in a single bound in every other episode. He is invulnerable to everything except kryptonite and magic. He is also currently wearing a dark, self-made outfit that is simple and comfortable, and exactly what someone with super-powers might wear if they wanted to stay out of the spotlight. Yet, they are already talking about adding more color to the suit by the end of the season.

Now, over the last few years, “Smallville” the TV show has suffered heavily from a lack of proper promotional advertising. The network it is on keeps the advertising for the show strictly to a minimum. You will hear the fans complaining about this on the forums and on Twitter constantly. In fact, that the show has survived without the network’s support is a big sign of the loyal fan-base the show has. Back when the show was under the wing of “The WB,” it wasn’t unusual to spot posters and advertisement for the show in magazines and billboards. I even remember seeing some posters on a bus stop and a taxi cab while visiting New York.

This is why you can imagine how surprised I was to see that they have released a poster for “Absolute Justice.” As a fan of the show, and an amateur Photoshop artist, I had already started to work on creating my own poster for the movie, this was due to my lack of faith that they would create one for us — but lo and behold, it is here. It is definitely a pleasant surprise, because the poster is absolutely beautiful and has a grandiose feel to it.

There is so much that can be said about it. For starters, it has various special characters in it. Let’s begin with Clark Kent: “The Blur.” He is in the center, and he is sporting his current “The Blur” outfit, with the House of El crest in his chest. To his left, we find one of the original “Justice League” founders: “The Green Arrow.” He is played by Justin Hartley and he is a regular on the TV show and will playing a big part in the upcoming movie.

To “Green Arrow’s” left, we have a new an important character that is being introduced in the movie but has never been seen on “Smallville.” The winged character seen here is “Hawkman,” and none other than “Stargate” alumni Michael Shanks will bringing his the winged hero’s persona to live action for the first time. This is a special event for comic book fans.

To the right of Clark, we have two new characters to Smallville as well — “Stargirl” and “Dr. Fate” — and their roles will be played by Brittney Irvin and Brent Straits. I also love that they show the “Metropolis” skyline in the background, with, of course, the beautiful “Daily Planet” soaring high above all other structures.

Finally, I found it very interesting that all the characters seem to be surrounded by clouds, giving the poster that powerful and heavenly feel that these super-beings exude, and the rest of us could never reach. Glorious.

“Smallville: Absolute Justice,” will debut Feb. 5 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

Also, I mentioned some old favorites were returning to the show.

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed that they are bringing Martha Kent back. Clark’s mother, played by Annette O’Toole, he has been away for two seasons while serving as a senator.

EW also reported that they are also bringing back the great Michael McKean (who is married to O’Toole in real life), to reprise his role as Perry White.

Like I said, it’s a great time for “Smallville” fans.

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  1. Kat #

    Great story. I can’t wait for this movie!

  2. Chris #

    I think Smallville has been pretty good this year. It’s much better than last season.

  3. Apple El #

    It IS a great time for Smallville fans, Josue, and I am so glad I am one of them!

    When this poster first came out, I really loved it, Clark is looking very heroic and at his rightful place, front and centre. I’m so excited for Absolute Justice! Nice article!

  4. 4

    Hi Josue, really nice article. I can’t wait till our own movie “Absolute Justice”. I think Smallville should get more attention of the media, but unfortunatelly the CW doesnt help either. Anyway, as you stated, Smallville has a huge and loyal fan base that are making the difference every friday. I can say that I’m a really proud Smallville fan.

  5. Jessica #

    That was very well said Josue. I agree this is an awesome time to be a Smallville Fan. Its about time we finally got to see our Superman. I’m so excited to see this episode can’t wait. I still think your poster was better, but at least they redeemed themselves from the initial picture that was leaked. I just wished the CW with support Smallville with the same force it does its other shows. Can’t begin to tell you how many time I heard Life Unexpected (I liked by the way) announced and yet Absolute Justice is almost here and nothing… Are they trying to kill the series? Cause we won’t let it die quietly 🙂 And Again great job can’t wait to read what you think of the actual episode.

  6. Lori F #

    Very, very good article Josue. Your passion for the show is contagious. I don’t watch this show very often but may have to start watching it more regularly now.

  7. bigge3021 #

    I still think that you would have done “a far more” better job with the poster than The CW’s amateurs that done this one. One thing that is missing from the poster and should be added is the Justice League of America emblem. To me, they could have done a lot better for what they are paid to do unless the advertising department let interns work on this poster. I agree that CW doesn’t put enough effort to promote Smallville as like Gossip Girl, 90210 or Life Unexpected. I wish there was some advertising from the show like ads, casts going on talk shows, a week that CW runs Smallville episodes that fans voted as their favorites or other promotional ways. I don’t like the excuse that it’s been on the air for so long that it doesn’t need any promotions because one my favorite shows, The Simpsons just aired their 450th episode for Fox. Yet different from Smallville, the 450th episode was strongly promoted by Fox and saw ads running from TV/radio, internet,billboards, and others. I miss those days when Smallville was on TheWB and was heavily supported by that network. So it really shows the loyal support by Smallville fans that the show has been on the air for so long and its still beloved. I’m REALLY looking forward to “Absolute Justice” movie and hope it does RECORD rating numbers for Friday shows. By the way, great job on the article, Josue. =)

  8. 8

    I am so excited to see Absolute Justice. As of right now I don’t think a Justice League or Superman movie could even come close to the talent that Smallville’s cast,crew & writer bring week after week. Maybe Hollywood should start taking notes on how to create a great Superman story.

  9. 9

    Great article! Glad you Smallville fans are getting what you want!

    It’s always fun was old characters come back.

    Tom Welling makes a cuter Superman compared with that guy who’s now on Chuck.

  10. 10

    Good story! I’m excited for that movie!

  11. shedmonds #

    Josue *claps*

    Let’s hope Absolute Justice is such a hit it prompts an Superman movie!

    I was looking at a picture of Clois in Committed and realised (strangely) that I’ve missed the Red & Blue, so I will be welcoming back the signature colours!

    Can’t wait for this epi and the introduction of the new characters…

    Bring it on 😀

  12. PattiD41 #

    Great job, Josue. Your article just makes me want to see the movie more! And to have my 1st crush, Michael Shanks & my current crush, Tom Welling, in the same movie is an “Absolute” extra bonus for me! I can’t wait for February 5th to arrive! It would be nice if the CW gave their longest running show a bit more respect. I think the show, in it’s 9th season has proven itself to them & they should treat it better 😀

  13. 13

    Excellent job on the article, Josue (as usual).

    I for one can’t wait for the release of Absolute Justice movie. So many new characters, stories and adventures await us in Smallville. I am very excited to see Justice Society in action, particularly Hawkman. Thought that might be influenced by my admiration for Michael Shanks. It certainly is a great time for us fans.

    Martha and Perry returning are wonderful news as well. I’ve been longing for past characters to return, especially Martha. This superhero needs his mom, and so his fans.

    Thanks again for this great article.

  14. Dee #

    Great article. I am Super excited to see this episode 😀

  15. David Cubbage #

    Great job,Josue.I will admit,after the incredibly disapointing way Season 8 ended,I was almost done with SMALLVILLE.However,this season has won my faith back!The fact that not only are Ma Kent and Perry White are returning,but the that we are finaly breaking away from the teen soap shlock that was a boon for the first few seasons,(but a major pitfall the last few,)giving us a true,honest to god Superman show is major win for me.Let’s just hope the execution of the Zod plot is done well and we get an exciting kick off for a season 10 that culminates in the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor and Clark finaly in the classic costume flying and saving the world in his first adventure as Superman!!!Up,Up and away!!!

  16. 16

    great job josue i totally agree with you, smallville gets bigger and bigger each season. You did an awesome summary, very complete; really proyecting how many fans feel. The CW should give them more publicity and give us fans better posters not so photoshop. support the show and AJ

  17. Elle #

    I am very excited for Absolute Justice and your article just fuels my excitement! Thanks Josue 😀

  18. 18

    Amen to the whole article, Josue! So many agree with you wholeheartedly. Thank you, CW, for the news of the week about the show. Please, please, please, keep it coming and give us word of Season TEN! This show deserves it after the great showing it has had in the pitiful slot it received to do it in this year. If it was still on Thursday nights, who knows to what heights it would have soared!!

  19. moviefan #

    Totally enjoying how the show has been going this season and most of last yr. Things have been getting pretty good with the show. Clark is more superman like and is at the planet. Lois is finally iconic lois and we get all these cool dc heroes and villains coming in and all that. The jsa event on feb 5th is going to be cool. So cant wait to see how it all turns out. Cant wait to see how it is. Also its great news that o’toole and mckean are returning back for episodes.

  20. jette_ #

    Anticipation is the greatest pleasure and this article makes me even more excited. Thanks.

  21. SeanxVito #

    hell yeah!!! this is the best news i’ve heard in a long time. i loved michael shanks on stargate and i hope he does hawkman justice. but where’s aquaman and the flash (“impulse”)?? and is there any word on the image that got leaked with clark standing next to darkseid?? i mean that’s what we really need…Justice League vs Lex and Darkseid!!! and i’d like to see Laura Vandervoort return as Supergirl (yeah..i’m a guy). but all in all, this movie is what i’ve been waiting for over the last 10 years!! feb. 5th can’t get here soon enough

  22. Dublin Pete #

    I Love This Show!

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