Puppy Love Premieres Tonight

“Puppy Love” — a Hallmark Channel original movie starring Candace Cameron Bure, Victor Webster, Katie Hawkins and Bug Z — will get its world premiere tonight, Sept. 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8C.

The Plot: When single mom Megan (Bure) moves to a new town, she feels guilty for uprooting her 10-year-old daughter Caitlin (Hawkins). Megan reluctantly decides to adopt a canine companion from a shelter, but immediately regrets her decision when Caitlin gravitates to the biggest, sloppiest dog in the pound, Jake (Bug Z). As Jake begins to destroy her home — and test her patience — Megan considers returning him. Then, a handsome ballplayer named Ben (Webster) shows up claiming Jake is his dog that ran away. The two are immediately at odds over custody of the dog, but when Ben sees Caitlin’s love for Jake matches his own, he agrees to joint ownership of the lovable pooch. Initially, the couple clashes over how to raise Jake; however, spending so much time together has its benefits. Soon there is a whole different kind of puppy love going on.

“Puppy Love” is one of many planned events for Hallmark Channel’s Pet Project, the network’s evergreen initiative to save the lives of homeless pets through adoption and to promote healthy relationships between people and pets.

Candace Cameron Bure is a spokesperson and Bug Z is the official spokesdog for Pet Project.

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  1. diane #

    THis was cute.

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