Rambo Not Retiring Just Yet


At a recent fundraiser for the Canadian Diabetes Association, Sylvester Stallone gave a really good interview where he shared details about his upcoming projects, his old feud with Schwarzenegger, his trials while filming “Rocky” and even an update on his “Rambo 5” project. And that’s what I am most excited to write about.

The good folks over at have the entire Q and A transcript. In the interview, Stallone expressed a deep desire to do another ‘Rambo” movie, saying, “I’m dying to do another Rambo.” He even went on to give a small spoiler of what the plot might deal with, “He’s in Arizona on the border. It will involve him going into Mexico. I don’t think Rambo likes Mexicans.”

This is great news, and if memory serves me right, a few years ago that plot was leaked out. It involved Rambo racing to the U.S.-Mexico border to rescue a young girl from human traffickers and drug lords. I’m not sure if this will be the actual plot, or if Stallone was misleading the audience and has different plans, but I for one am looking forward to another Rambo adventure.

When I saw “First Blood” for the first time, I was 7 years old, and the movie had a lasting impact in my life. I believe it is responsible for my adventurous nature, my love for the wilderness, and my collection of knives. I watched the next two movies (“Rambo: First Blood Part II” and “Rambo III”) with the same enthusiasm as the first and have remained a fan to the present.

Then, I remember waiting forever — even losing hope at one point — for another Rambo movie to be made. I would joke around with my friends about the next Rambo movie’s plot dealing with Rambo taking on the Predator, and we would laugh imagining the Predator fleeing to his home world in fear of Rambo. I was just showing of the respect we had for the character.

When I found myself watching “Rambo” — presumably the final installment of the “First Blood” franchise — I remember thinking to myself during the middle of the movie, “Wow, I’m watching a new Rambo movie again!”

I enjoyed it and felt it wrapped things up for the Rambo quite nicely. I understood that was a great ending for the franchise, and accepted I would probably never see another new film in the series. But as time went by, I felt I wanted more. Sylvester Stallone was not winding down, he’s not retiring and leaving show business, he continues to make action movies, so why should “Rambo be finished!”

And now, I find myself in the same dilemma as before. Will we ever see the one-man-army again. I now feel there is still so much more the adventurer and warrior can do, and so many stories to tell. Luckily, it seems Sylvester Stallone feels the same way I do and has no intention of retiring the hero any time soon.

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  1. Canucklehead #

    Who’s left to fight? Venezuela? Democrats? Canada?

  2. Brian Loo #

    I’m up for another Rambo flick. Count me in.