Rambo Returning For ‘The Savage Hunt’

Sylvester Stallone’s second-best creation, John Rambo, will return to the big screen for another shoot ’em up.

The movie, “Rambo V: The Savage Hunt,” is slated to include more of a science fiction bent than did the previous adventures.

Harry Knowles, of Aint It Cool News, said Stallone told him the next movie is “set in the Pacific Northwest. Back in the general area where we first were introduced to John. It seems that somewhere in that Area there is a U.S. Military installation that is doing experiments on elite soldiers as part of some sort of program where they’re attempting to tap into that SAVAGERY that we have deeply embedded into us. The plan is create brilliantly instinctual killer soldiers that have no qualms about taking life. Sly brought up the ancient Immortals, which were cartoonishly glimpsed in 300. In reality, they were children trained from the time they were infants to kill. Well as happens with Government Experiments to create the perfect killer – it goes exceptionally well… and then exceptionally badly. And Rambo is brought in with a Black Ops squad (“Like in PREDATOR”) to hunt, capture or kill this worse than Rambo killer.”

I love the Rocky movies, but I only like the Rambo movies. They started off somewhat based in reality, but quickly flew off the reservation. A move towards science fiction makes sense, as the previous films seemed to be headed in that direction anyway.

At this point, another chapter in the Rocky franchise seems very unlikely, so this is Stallone’s lone on-going franchise. But, personally, I’m not sure the science fiction angle is going to do wonders for the series. I think we all saw what dipping in that world did for Indiana Jones. It wan’t pretty.

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  1. Vanna #

    I am not really a fan of either of Stallone’s franchises to tell the truth and I don’t think the science fiction angle will be enough to entice me into the theater. Besides many of these aging franchises just do not do science fiction right, they just use it as a jumpstart or a gimmick.

  2. 2

    I can’t believe Sylvester Stallone can do another Rambo movie. He sure doesn’t look his age (he’s 63).

  3. 3

    I didn’t even see the last two Rambo movies.

  4. Josue #

    I believe it is a good idea trying Rambo in a different genre. and as a fan of his skills and experience I would love to see him face off against something sci-fi-ish. You know that soldier-monster doesnt stand a chance!!!!