Report: Chris Evans Offered Captain America


There was a period there for a few days where I was heavily invested in the casting of Captain America role. That time passed around the time of the 400th “exclusive” story listing those who were in the running for the role.

I really don’t want to report another version of the story, but The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog has posted that Chris Evans has been offered the role.

I have no problems with Evans — I actually find him to be pretty charming and I thought he was the best thing about the “Fantastic Four” movies — but it is the fact that he was in those movies that makes me not totally excited about him taking on the role. I completely support Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern (even though he played a couple of other comic book characters on screen previously), so I suppose it would be slightly hypocritical to not support Evans. The only caveat, however, is that Evans will have played two key Marvel roles, whereas Reynolds is (was?) doing one for Marvel and one for DC.

In any event, read the story at the Hollywood Reporter and hope along with me that the casting call has wrapped up or soon will.

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  1. moviefan #

    i really hope he is confirmed for cap. Sure he been in a few comic films already. But he has the look and persona/charm for the role. and after the news from earlier today about tatum/evans/stan being top 3 finalists. evans is the best of the bunch and a good choice.

  2. 2

    Boo, I think Evans is a horrible actor.

  3. moviefan #

    mariusz would u rather have channing tatum or sebastian stan who were the latest rumored contenders. sure evans isnt the pick i would first go with. i was first rooting for ryan mcpartlin from chuck but he didnt seem to get past his early screen test. Then i was for garrett hedlund, and mike vogel. But hedlund was knocked out a few days ago. Then the whole phillippe/tatum names came up. So with the last few names evans is a solid pick to go with.

  4. 4

    I don’t know. I guess you’re right. But if I had to pick from the candidates, I’d pick John Krasinski.

  5. 5

    I’d pick Krasinski as well.

  6. moviefan #

    i was warming up to jk but still was a bit against him. But yea i would take jk over tatum too. So if its evans be glad its evans caus we could have been stuck with tatum. And with that he could have likely stunk up the role and screw up marvel avengers plans and all that. I am sure evans would work alot better.

  7. Cam Smith #

    Thank God. I can’t think of a better option from the ones listed. I really, really don’t get the Krasinski enthusiasim. I mean, he’s a good enough actor, but he’s all sorts of wrong for the role. Evans has the perfect build and look, and a much better sense of authority about him. Oh, and by the way, Ryan Reynolds has actually already played TWO Marvel heroes: Deadpool and Hannibal King in BLADE TRINITY.

  8. 8

    I know about Hannibal King. That is why I used the phrase “key” roles.

  9. Alexa M. #

    I definitely think Chris Evans is the best choice out of the three remaining contenders. I don’t think Channing Tatum or Sebastian Stan could have pulled it off. And anyone who needs reassurance about Evans’ acting ability should check out “Sunshine.”

  10. moviefan #

    totally i think evans if confirmed could knock out socks off with cap, and i think he could fit in nicely with dowey/jackson/hemsworth/norton and who ever else is in avengers.

  11. Ben Fowler #

    As always, would have loved Ryan McPartlin to have got the gig, but more than happy if Evans signs up for the role. But I totally feel the same way Sean about him already being a Marvel hero elsewhere. Whereas at least Reynolds plays to SIGNIFICANT heroes for two different brands. Deadpool and Green Lantern aren’t supposed to exist in the same universe. Captain America and The Human Torch are.

    Still be chuffed if he does get the role though.

  12. Ben Fowler #

    Although saying that, if they are serious about rebooting The Fantastic Four, within a few years we may well have a new Johnny Storm incarnation on the big screen.

  13. Don #

    I wanted Krasinski too.

  14. moviefan #

    well we also got to remember the fox marvel movies and the marvel studios are two totally different film universes so these versions of characters would never meet/crossover. So it wouldnt really matter. Plus i doubt evans really has any issues doing more comic movies. He wouldnt have taken roles in push, or the upcoming dc/vertigo film the losers, or the graphic novel scott pilgram vs the world. Hopefully by monday we will know for sure whats up.

  15. Josue #

    I don’t get the Krasinski guy for this role.. And I think Tatum is a horrible actor! Now, Evens is perfect, he is a great actor (watch “London”) and he is fit and has a lot of fans. Defenitely feel he is the right choice.

  16. 16

    Apparently Evans has accepted the job. Look for a story shortly.

  17. moviefan #

    Finally its all over. I am totally glad he accepted the role. Also glad we were not going to get kellan lutz or channing tatum. Cant wait to see how rest of casting unfolds.

  18. smokey the bandit #

    I really like the choice.

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