Trailer Talk: ‘The Switch’


Jennifer Aniston is in a no-win situation right now regarding her movie career.

If she does a movie that isn’t a romantic comedy, no one goes to see it. If she does do a romantic comedy, then you instantly hear the cries of “Oh Gawd, Jennifer Aniston is doing another romantic comedy.”

In all honesty, it’s tiresome. Unfortunately, the Internet has created a herd mentality,where once someone or something is considered “cool” or “uncool,” then you must instantly fall in line or risk being mocked.

You are not allowed to like Justin Bieber, “Twilight” (or anyone associated with the movie), Dane Cook, MySpace, Jay Leno or Jennifer Ansiton. If you do have the temerity to enjoy any of these things and *GASP!* publicly admit it, you will be mocked.

However, things you ARE allowed to like include Conan O’Brien, “Glee,” Gabourey Sidibe, OK Go videos and, somewhat bizarrely, Betty White (don’t get me wrong, I like Betty White, always have, but where did this sudden love for her come from?).

Luckily, for the makers of “The Switch,” Jason Bateman is also cool again. So that will make this movie the source of a lot of “I don’t like Jennifer Aniston, but I do like Jason Bateman” stories. At the risk of being considered “uncool,” I like both and will probably see the movie. Consider me a rebel.

Also starring Patrick Wilson, Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum, “The Switch” is due in theaters Aug. 20.

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  1. Jason #

    Oh dammit, that looks just interesting enough for me to want to see. Goldblum puts it over the top for me. Looks like fun.

  2. 2

    I don’t pick my movies on a cool or uncool factor. I look at the script above all. This script looks interesting but I’m worried about the “cute” factor which a lot of these so-called quirky comedies are prone to. By the way regarding Aniston her problem is over exposure not lack of talent. If she weren’t on the cover of every tabloid magazine every other week she might be taken more seriously as an actress. It’s probably not her fault but that’s the way it goes, she’s bankable on the cover.