Rhys Ifans Cast in ‘Spider-Man’ — Possibly as The Lizard

— by ROB COX —

Rhys Ifans has signed to star as the villain in director Marc Webb’s upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot. What’s more vague, however, is which “Spider-Man” villain Ifans will play.

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Entertainment is being intentionally secretive as to which specific baddie the film will feature and refuses to name a specific villain. MTV, meanwhile, has compiled an interesting list of five villains from the “Spider-Man” universe they think Ifans would be well-suited to play. That list, intriguingly, includes The Lizard. According to The Wrap, The Lizard will indeed be Spidey’s new nemesis; they further indicate that initial reports Venom would be featured in the reboot are incorrect.

As to the Ifans casting, it has the feel of an “outside-the-box” choice. He brings a unique onscreen presence that’s part goofy misfit and part menace, with hints of psychotic tendencies lurking beneath the oddball exterior. The Lizard is an undeniably unconventional choice of villains, hearkening back to Spider-Man’s beginnings, but I can’t help wondering if the character might come across as quaint to modern movie audiences.

I was initially uncertain, too, about Andrew Garfield in the Peter Parker/Spider-Man role. After watching his performance in “The Social Network,” though, I’m sold and, moreover, convinced he’ll make a more effective web-slinger than Tobey Maguire. I remain far less certain regarding Webb as the director, but Emma Stone is irresistible in any part and should be every bit as compelling as Spidey’s love interest as Kirsten Dunst was.

Overall, however, I find myself doubtful as to whether the new “Spider-Man” — especially with its gimmicky 3D effects — will amount to much more than another a loud, flashy exercise in pop culture excess. Admittedly, the memory of the horrific “Spider-Man 3” still lingers in my memory and undoubtedly impacts those suspicions.

Whether Webb is an appropriate choice to direct a comic book adaptation or no, he will, in the least, bring a new vision and a fresh perspective to the table. That’s something this series sorely lacked after “3” and, so far, the casting choices bolster that possibility.

The new “Spider-Man” film is scheduled for release July 3, 2012.

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  1. moviefan #

    I am glad he will be the lizard. Sucks for dylan never getting shot in raimi movies. I do hope this film does well. There is alot you can do with the character.

  2. moviefan #

    I hope they do the character to justice too.