‘Robin Hood’: Behind the Scenes Compilation


In the today’s world, it would be safe to say that we have a plethora of fictional heroes to look up to. We can find them in literature, and in live action television and movies. Some heroes are not super-powered (i.e. Batman), they simply rely on their wits and acquired skills developed by man himself throughout history, you could call them combat arts perhaps.

The hero is always after one thing — justice — and sometimes they go about it the wrong way, but by the end, everything falls into its place.

There is a particular version of these heroes that has been around since the 13th century, and still today he is followed and cherished.

He is “Robin Hood.” Yes, like many non-super-powered heroes from our media today, Robin relied on his archery skills, a skill at which he had no rival, to steal from the rich to give to the poor (this was his justice), it is argued whether he was a criminal or a real hero.

Yet, to the people he helped, he was a hero, and a legend of his time. His actual place in history and existence itself is still debated, but he is definitely the inspiration for never-ending stories.

In the last century, he was interpreted on film and television by many. The last big budget interpretation of his character was in 1991, and the role was played by Kevin Costner with Kevin Reynolds directing. This outing was a success in the box office. Since then, there have been various straight to television “Robin Hood” movies, as well as a very successful TV show by the BBC, that is filmed in the actual landscapes of England.

Now, director Ridley Scott will take the beloved character to the big screen one more time. To play the role of Robin, they have cast Russell Crowe, who already has fared well playing ancient warrior characters.

The clip below is a compilation of behind the scenes of the upcoming movie “Robin Hood.” When we say “Behind the Scenes,” we mean it. It is raw, live and dusty. It is not directed and no one makes any comments about it, but you do see the directors and crew doing their thing, and commenting on it.

“Robin Hood” will be released March 14, 2010.

Source: FilmStar

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  1. Kent #

    That was pretty neat … and definitely dusty.

  2. typertist #

    Cool Behind the Scenes view. Great start to your article Josue!

  3. Jason #

    That was fantastic! Very exciting stuff. I think Russell Crowe is perfectly suited to play Robin Hood. I prefer this sort of video much more than talking heads. The footage speaks for itself, and it gives a sense of what the production was like. Really can’t wait to see it.

  4. 4

    I totally want to see this. It seems like it’s going to be robin at an older stage in his life. Since i read somewhere that Marian is a widow

  5. 5

    Great article! But I’m a little concerned about the film after watching this. What did they do with the trees? Sherwood FORREST? But I will be seeing it. It’s Robin Hood.