Short Film Theater: ‘Jouet’


We here at It’s Just Movies strive to bring you some of the best entertainment news and coverage that we can. One very cool thing we like to do is when we find young and talented filmmakers and showcase short film or documentaries that you might never have heard of or seen. Today, we have a new young up-and-coming filmmaker from the UK, Mike Buonaiuto.

Buonaiuto is an award-winning filmmaker who has a new seven and a half minute short film out called “Jouet,” which is simply and elegantly shot but conveys a lot of emotion without a single word of dialogue. “Jouet” tells the story of a future where many men have died serving their country and the widows get an artificial companion called a Jouet.

Each day he is locked in the house and has to take a mysterious black medication that helps him to function. When he skips a dose, the ramifications are huge and he begins to break the house rules. He enters a forbidden room and discovers a truth that is hard to handle.

This story of artificial love weaves a compelling story in such a short amount of time. Buonaiuto uses the camera with Technicolor Cinestyle to show the story in a dreamlike state. The actor playing the Jouet is Mark Phillimore and he does a superb job at showing the intensity and pain that this artificial lover has for the woman he is assigned to. There is a lot about this film that I didn’t understand, but maybe that’s the point, the viewer must interpret it for themselves. The black solution that he must take every day, what does it do? What is the significance of the glove when he removes it?

Those questions and more arose when I saw this short, but that is something that I find make a film better, when it makes you think.

Everyone involved in “Jouet” has obviously worked really hard to make this an intriguing and compulsory film and I really love the effects used on the eyes to give him a mechanical feel. I will say that this is a short I have watched over and over again and each time I notice something that I didn’t before.

You can watch “Jouet” below:

Jouet | Sci-Fi Short-Film from Mike Buonaiuto on Vimeo.

For more information about the short film or the people who made it go to You can also follower the filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto on twitter @videographer88 () and on Facebook HERE.

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