Short Film Theater: ‘LoopLoop’


I listen to a lot of different styles of music — not all of them, but many — and one of them is techno.

Now, when I say techno, the first thought many people will get into their mind is an overly-repetitive thumping sound with voices repeating constantly. That’s not the type I listen to, but that’s the rap techno gets as a whole.

One of the keys to listening to that particular kind of music, and by extension, I suppose, any kind of techno, is to understand that the voice is an instrument. A voice pattern can play the same part in a song as a drum or a guitar. It’s part of the overall sound.

Of course, that way of listening to music isn’t for everyone. Some people only wants songs that have a hook, a set pattern of lines, or a story.

To an extent, watching the short film “LoopLoop” works in the same way that you might listen to techno music. Therefore, it’s obviously not for everyone. But I was into it.

As director Patrick Bergeron explains it:
“Using animation, sounds warping and time shifts, this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind.
‘LoopLoop’ is made from a sequence captured in a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam. I filmed the houses boarding the railroad. The 1,000 images of this sequence have been stitched into one long panoramic image. Into this long still image, I integrated other moving elements and builted smooth transitions over it.
LoopLoop is a video loop.”

LoopLoop from Patrick Bergeron on Vimeo.

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  1. Don #

    Very cool.

  2. Dani #

    That was interesting.

  3. Bev #

    I think Bergeron is experimenting with his impressive video skills. This must be an art video – open to a lot of interpretations – but Sean, since I didn’t read your article until after viewing the short, I hadn’t thought of it as an example of techno music. You gave me pause.