Poster Peek: ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’


I had never even heard of the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book series, until I was asked to write this article. Then, to my surprise, it turns out that it is really popular. My daughter has read it, my neighbor’s son has read it, and I was surprised, to hear them say how good it was. Perhaps this is why 20th Century Fox has jumped on it to make a movie. The poster below should get all the fans excited for the release of the live-action and animated feature film of the same name as the books; “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

The film chronicles the adventures of middle school student Greg Heffley (Zachary Gordon) and his best friend Rowley Jefferson (Robert Capron) over the course of an academic year, as told through Greg’s journal and hand-drawn cartoons. The cartoon art looks very much like the poster below. The simple style of the art gives the appearance of something drawn by a kid, but try it, it’s not easy. All-in-all, this will probably be a hit.

Parents will definitely take their kids to watch it, with its “PG” rating and already popular book series, we might even see a part two in the horizon. I hope it doesn’t get lost in whirlwind of movies coming out that month. What do you think? Sound off your opinion.

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  1. Dani #

    Looks cute.