Short Film Theater: ‘Non Plus One’


When watching the cute, though somewhat clichéd, short film “Non Plus One,” I felt like I was watching either a music video or an extended GAP commercial. And as it turns out, I was sort of watching both.

“Non Plus One” is a five-minute look at a boy-meet-girl story told without words and set to one song. The film was made as both a look at the launch of fashion label Opening Ceremony’s 2010 spring collection —a s seen worn in the several rotating outfits of the happy couple — and as a directorial debut for Gia Coppola. Yes, as in from that Coppola family (she’s Francis Ford’s granddaughter).

And being a part of the Coppola clan definitely has its benefits, as it allowed Gia to have Jason Schwartzman (Gia’s cousin) and Kirsten Dunst star in her short film; the two previously worked together in “Marie Antoinette,” directed by Sofia Coppola (Gia’s aunt). The film is also set to the song, “Is the Sound Okay?” by Coconut Records, which is apparently Schwartzman’s musical alter ego. I guess the Coppolas really like to keep it all in the family. I hope Nicolas Cage (Sofia’s cousin) isn’t upset he wasn’t asked to be involved.

“Non Plus One” is a cute little film, though it has a lot of same elements you’d find in nearly any student film (out-of-focus shots, juxtaposing images against pre-existing icons, indie hipster soundtrack, etc.). But Schwartzman and Dunst look like they had a blast acting together on this, and I’m sure this is just the first step in Gia’s inevitable movie career. The Coppolas wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Non Plus One” can be viewed in its entirety below.

non plus one final from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

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