Trailer Talk: ‘Faces in the Crowd’ (Teaser Version)

— by TOM ELCE —

Another thriller that attempts to translate real-life phenomena into the stuff of intense cinema, Julien Magnat’s forthcoming “Faces in the Crowd” focuses in on the subject of prosopagnosia, a real-life neurological condition also to be referred to as “face blindness” due to its sufferers’ inability to recognise other people’s faces with the same degree of ease as other everyday folk. Here, Milla Jovovich is affected after having previously witnessed the shenanigans of a serial killer. Naturally, she’s in no position to be able to pick the perpetrator out of a line-up, so you can imagine that there’ll be a lot of paranoia and sleuth-work to Magnat’s film.

It’s scheduled to be unveiled during 2011, though that hasn’t prevented anyone a glimpse at it’s trailer. Text fills us in on all the details while a few shots from the final film are incorporated into a batch of mixed-and-matched pictures of random faces. It’s on a par with any number of YouTube slideshows you’ve seen with disinterest amidst your video surfing. Certainly, it’s only intriguing in terms of themes, with nothing but the same-old, same-old cliched frames and scenes dividing up the text scrawls. I guess it isn’t too bad – you can watch it and know the idea behind the plot without the crucial details. It’s mildly intriguing but definitely not exciting.

Jovovich would be grateful if the film could prove a break from the usual junk she’s involved in, though with so little evidence for viewers and writers to go on this could just as likely go the way of trash like “Awake” as something superior like “Seven.” Julien Magnat would hope that the film proves a quick escape from obscurity, since his previous work appears to have been little seen and (seemingly) trashy stuff. He writes and directs “Faces in the Crowd,” which threatens to mix horror elements in with the thriller stylings, but we’ll have to wait until more substansive clips from the film emerge before hazarding guesses at whether this is truly worth seeing.

As said, “Faces in the Crowd” — which also stars Julian McMahon — can be seen in theaters sometime in 2011.

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  1. 1

    On a side note: I would like to congratulate the management for their choice of picture.

  2. 2

    I’m all about equal opportunity. The ladies got a black and white shirtless pic of Jim Morrison earlier today, and the guys get Milla Jovovich in this one. 🙂

  3. Cam Smith #

    I’m assuming that this was just a show-reel for distributors and industry types… Because, if not, that is one of the worst-assembled trailers I’ve ever sat through. With its distracting “Dark Knight” score cues and endless text, it resembles a really, really terrible fan-made trailer.