Short Film Theater: ‘Rubbuds’


It is so liberating to discover art. You will find that rules do not apply the same way, or at all, in the realm of art. You can move in any direction you want: up, down and even into — yes, into the innerworlds, innerspaces and parallel universes that can only be visualized in our minds. The only rules are the limits of your creativity and imagination.

Animated movies usually mimic most of the set laws of nature (i.e. gravity), which allows us to follow along the with the translation of the artist’s imagination that is being interpreted for us. Animals can talk and walk on their hind legs, toys come to life when no one is watching, and monsters can be comedians. Computer-generated art has only furthered the possibilities of expressing these visions and ideas and I, for one, am very greatful.

The short film below, written and directed by Jan Chen, is titled “Rubbuds.” It is about using the abovementioned freedom, and bringing inanimate objects to life. In this case, the protagonists are condoms, many of them, of all shapes and colors. It is very imaginative the way they are shown living in their condom world, waiting patiently and expectantly for them to be called upon to fulfill their function in life. They are all involved in their different “pre-use” activities, and some are even awaiting a “second” helping. I don’t want to spoil it, but you will get a fair idea after watching of how the condoms of the condom world are no different from the rest of us.

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  1. Mike Yerkey #

    Nice article.

  2. Artie D2 #

    While it looks like it is for kids … it is definitely not for kids!