Six Clips From ‘Pirate Radio’


Based in 1960s Britain, “Pirate Radio” is about a ship containing a variety of crazy DJs. And, of course, the government is trying to shut them down.

While “Pirate Radio” doesn’t hit U.S. shores until Nov. 13, it already has been released as “The Boat That Rocked” in much of the world (for a list of release dates, click here).

The film stars: Bill Nighy as the boat’s captain; Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Count; Rhys Ifans as Gavin, known as the greatest DJ in England history; Kenneth Branagh as the government official trying to shut down pirate radio; Nick Frost as the smooth-talking Doctor Dave; and Tom Sturridge as young Carl. Other performers include January Jones, Emma Thompson, Jack Davenport, Rhys Darby, Ralph Brown, Tom Brooke, Chris O’Dowd, Tom Wisdom, Ike Hamilton, Will Adamsdale and Katherine Parkinson.

“Pirate Radio” was directed by Richard Curtis (of 2003’s “Love Actually”). He also wrote the screenplay, which is based on a true story.

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  1. The Fastest Man #

    It actually looks kind of decent.

  2. 2

    I kind of agree. I wouldn’t see it in a theater, but it might be a nice rental.

  3. Cam Smith #

    I feel like I’ve been seeing the trailer for this movie on a regular basis since around 2005.

  4. 4

    Now you can finally see the movie, Cam. 😉