‘Smallville’ Looking For ‘Justice’ with Movie


It is a great time to be a “Smallville” fan. The show is in its ninth season, and it is in no way winding down.

Geoff Johns of comic book fame, who currently is involved the rumored “The Flash” and “Shazam” movies was recently announced at the San Diego Comic-Con to be writing two episodes for this season of “Smallville.” Later, we learned the titles for these episodes would be “Society” and “Legends,” and that “Legends” would actually be directed by Tom Welling himself.

This was great news for “Smallville” fans, as Johns had recently written an episode for Smallville’s eighth season entitled “Legion.” It became a fan favorite immediately, and it featured the Legion of Superheroes from the the DC Comics. In the episode, the three founders of the Legion (Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl) travel back in time to warn Clark about some alterations to the historical timeline of their universe.

Comic book fans and fans of “Smallville” are rejoicing further today, when it was announced, or scooped, by Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that the two-part episodes mentioned above will be aired as a two-hour movie on Jan. 29.

So far, we know that the movie will center around the Justice Society of America. It will include Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, Star Girl and the Martian Manhunter to name a few heroes, and, of course, there will be a few villains.

We know that Hawkman will be played by Michael Shanks, who is known for his role on “Stargate.” We also recently learned that Pam Grier (who played the title role in “Jackie Brown”) has also been added to the cast as Amanda Waller.

In the show, we have seen much progression this season in the development of Clark Kent becoming Superman. At the moment, he is known by the citizens of Metropolis as “The Blur,” since that is all they see of him. He is wearing the recognized “S” in his chest, and has accepted his destiny to help mankind.

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  1. moviefan #

    I was reading about the news earlier today myself. Great freakin news here. I am so glad the CW are being smart and airing the episode together as a “TV MOVIE EVENT” status. This will surely be a great 2hrs and a huge ratings boost for the show. Also I read the episodes which are currently filming now were indeed giving a bigger episode budgets to work with. Now i cant wait to see how things go.

  2. 2

    They should put the movie out on DVD and blu-ray on the Tuesday after it airs.

  3. 3

    It should be pretty good.

  4. bigge3021 #

    It’s great idea of having a two hour movie event for Society/Legends episodes. Like Sean, I wish TheCW/WB will put out a special DVD release a week or two after it airs but I know it’s wishful thinking. Anyways, I’m really excited and can’t wait for Jan. 29 to arrive. GO SMALLVILLE!!!

  5. Josue #

    Its funny, cause when i heard about this 2-parter, i thought i was going to have to copy to DVD and edit out the commercial and make it my own Smallville movie! But they read my mind!

  6. PattiD41 #

    Great review Josue. I am so excited about these 2 episodes, ooopps, I mean MOVIE!!! I can’s wait

  7. Elle #

    Nice write up Josue!! Can’t wait for the Smallville movie!

  8. Apple El #

    “It is a great time to be a “Smallville” fan.”

    Yes, it is indeed!

    My passion for this show just keeps on growing, and I marvel all the time at how lucky we are to have such talented, hardworking people looking after *our* favourite show with such love and dedication!

  9. Melissa #

    Loved it! Definitely great to be a SV fan! as well written as always Josue! i can feel your passion for the show 🙂

  10. Jon Martincic #

    I can’t wait for this one. I really didn’t get into the show until the fifth season, but since then I’ve caught (and rewatched) almost every episode. Very exciting stuff.

  11. The Fastest Man Alive #

    This is awesome.

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