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Under Review: ‘After.Life’

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — We hear about it everyday, yet we cannot stop it. It happens to the best of us but it is almost never anticipated. Some may see it as a time of rebirth — a period of cleansing where one’s sins are forgiven. Others look at it as an escape from [&hellip[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘After.Life’

— by ALEXA MILAN — Death seems like a pretty definitive phenomenon. Either you’re alive or you’re not. But what if you got stuck between life and death in a weird sort of limbo? That’s exactly what happens to Anna (Christina Ricci) in the upcoming thriller “After.Life.” After a[...]

Poster Peek: ‘After.Life’

— by ROBERT DeFEIS — “After.Life” is a psychological horror film starring Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci and Justin Long and written and directed by Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo. For those of you who don’t know, psychological horror is a subgenre of horror fiction that relies on[...]