Trailer Talk: ‘After.Life’


Death seems like a pretty definitive phenomenon. Either you’re alive or you’re not. But what if you got stuck between life and death in a weird sort of limbo? That’s exactly what happens to Anna (Christina Ricci) in the upcoming thriller “After.Life.”

After a tragic car accident, Anna awakens to find herself in the funeral parlor of Eliot Deacon (Liam Neeson), a mortician who claims he can communicate with the dead. Anna still feels completely alive, but Eliot convinces her she is in a process of transition before moving on to the afterlife.

Meanwhile, Anna’s boyfriend Paul (Justin Long), suspects that Eliot isn’t exactly who he appears to be. As the funeral approaches, Paul tirelessly tries to uncover the truth about Eliot. Is Anna really dead? Will Paul be able to unravel the mystery before she crosses over to the afterlife?

This movie looks very original if nothing else. It’s got a great cast and an interesting premise, and it certainly doesn’t seem like a story we’ve seen before. Neeson in particular looks like he gives a delightfully dark performance. I’m definitely intrigued.

“After.Life” begins scaring audiences in select theaters April 9.

Source: TrailerSpy

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  1. Don #

    I think I’ll pass.

  2. Josue #

    I’m scared..

  3. Hope #

    I must see this. It looks wonderful. Yes, original and dark. My favorite kind of movie.

    I am putting April 9th on my calender.

    It certainly doesn’t look like your usual horror film. something different would wonderful. It seems people have lost their imagination, this is most intriguing.

  4. foxy #

    ill see it

  5. Crash #

    This looks pretty cool. I saw a commercial for it and it totally looks like my kinda movie. 🙂