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Review: For a Good Time, Call…

— by ADAM DALE — Before 2011’s “Bridesmaids” completely obliterated the notion that men are automatically funnier than women and bro-comedies can be more lucrative at the box office, you rarely saw a women-based film that wasn’t a drama or romantic comedy. Since then, a liberatio[...]

Under Review: ‘The Conspirator’

— by LYNN TACKITT — On April 15, the 146th anniversary of the death of President Lincoln, “The Conspirator” opened in theatres. The film begins on a battleground littered with mostly dead Union soldiers. You are introduced to Frederick Aikens (James McAvoy) and his friend[...]

Under Review: ‘Going the Distance’

— by ADAM POYNTER — It’s not easy being a romantic comedy these days, with so many people just fed up with the same old junk spewed at us from the studios. The predictable and tired storylines have many men and women choosing to forgo the typical “date movie” for something a little[...]

Eight Clips from ‘Going the Distance’

— by ALEXA MILAN — Couple meets. Couple falls in love. Couple faces hardships. Couple ends up happily ever after. It’s the traditional romantic comedy formula, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Drew Barrymore rom-com “Going the Distance” follows it. But unlike so[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Going the Distance’

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — “Fever Pitch” is a film loosely adapted from the Nick Hornby novel of the same name about a man who is really obsessed with a sports team. This rom-com stars the ever charming Drew Barrymore and … oops, sorry guys. I got my Drew Barrymore rom-coms confus[...]

Under Review: ‘After.Life’

— by MARIUSZ ZUBROWSKI — We hear about it everyday, yet we cannot stop it. It happens to the best of us but it is almost never anticipated. Some may see it as a time of rebirth — a period of cleansing where one’s sins are forgiven. Others look at it as an escape from [&hellip[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘After.Life’

— by ALEXA MILAN — Death seems like a pretty definitive phenomenon. Either you’re alive or you’re not. But what if you got stuck between life and death in a weird sort of limbo? That’s exactly what happens to Anna (Christina Ricci) in the upcoming thriller “After.Life.” After a[...]

Under Review: ‘Youth in Revolt’

— by ALLISON HIGGINBOTHAM — In “Youth in Revolt,” the main character, Nick Twisp, is in search of what every high school male in films seems to want: to lose his virginity. But for a Frank Sinatra-loving, awkward teenager, losing his virginity isn’t an easy thing. Nick has the kind[...]

Meet ‘the Single Ladies’ (AKA The Chipettes)

— by ALEXA MILAN — Two years ago, children were delighted and most older audiences were mortified by a trio of CGI chipmunks wreaking havoc for Jason Lee. Somehow, this family film raked in the big bucks at the box office, and now audiences will be treated to — or tortured by ̵[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Youth in Revolt’

— by CAM SMITH — Michael Cera has reached something of a crossroads in his career. Although he’s built a tremendously successful career out of playing stammering, nebbishy young men at odds with the world around them — a surprisingly durable role which has won him a considerable [...]

Under Review: ‘Planet 51’

— by JOEL CRARY — Compared to “Wall-E,” the Pixar animated film about a robot who journeys into outer space and finds out more about humanity’s place in the grand scheme of things, “Planet 51” is pretty inert. It’s a film about first contact[...]

Ten Clips From ‘Planet 51’

— by SEAN GERSKI — When the Academy Awards nominations are announced on Feb. 2, 2010, there will be great anticipation over which animated movies made the cut for the Animated Feature Film category. In some years, it is hard to justify even three films receiving nominations[...]

Three New Clips From ‘Old Dogs’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — They have been in some of my favorite movies, and I pretty much grew up watching them, and laughing with them. I’m talking about the two main stars of the movie “Old Dogs”: Robin Williams and John Travolta. The movie is about two old friends[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Taking Chances’

— by ALEXA MILAN — “Taking Chances” is a movie I hadn’t heard of until today, and based on the trailer, it’s probably not one I’ll be seeing. Justin Long plays Chase Revere, a small-town Revolutionary War re-enactor who discovers a Native American casino will be built on top of[...]